Chris Masters responds to speculations on him being at the Royal Rumble

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. It was pretty much obvious trolling on his part. I hate when they do this kind of stuff on Twitter, fooling many of the wrestling fans.
  2. Midcard toilet wannabe. Later dude.
  3. Didn't expect him to return, really.
  4. How about never
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  5. T.H.I.S.:ryan1:
  6. Seriously, the guy acts like if he is a 13 times world champion who fans would kill themselves to see him again lol.
  7. Didnt expect him. But I expected Shelton :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. He's dying for any type of attention. Guess he was hoping if enough clamour was made by the irc, it might persuade Vince to give him another shot.
  9. Masters is a beast.. Would love to see him again.
  10. lol Chris Masters.
  11. I do like Masters though, as a midcarder.
  12. Theres no way he would of been in the rumble considering WWE fired him
  13. WWE fired Goldust and he was in the rumble.
  14. They released the Godfather as well in the past...

    You do know that the WWE sometimes signs a certian person to a one night contract, right?
  15. Didn't expect him to come back, and wouldn't care if he did.. but lol @ trolling wrasslin' nerds :jeritroll:
  16. THANK YOU! I thought I was he only one who liked him...
  17. Yeah, he wrestled some decent matches on Superstars in his last run, nothing bad there.
  18. To Chris Masters' defence I think you guys are remembering the old him. Just before he left WWE Masters had made significant improvements in the ring, so I would be on board for a Master's return, but it's not going to happen
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