Chris Masters saves his mom

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  1. Crazy shit!
  2. I'm glad to see he got her out alive. Crazy how stuff like that happens though D:!
  3. He's awesome, he did what almost nobody could do....
  4. Could or would? :pity2:
  5. Could. Everyone say "if there's a fire at home, I'll save my [insert the person you would save]". But in the end you save yourself, your mind gets blocked and you can't take them out
  6. Kudos dude.
  7. Pretty sure a lot of people would at least try saving their MOTHER in a situation like this. Lol
    I doubt many people would be like "I'll just watch her burn, at least I'm safe" :pity1:

    So someone locked her in and set the place on fire? Wut.
  8. If I had arms like Chris Masters I'd be breaking through walls of fire every Tuesday. Glad to see he saved his mom, must have given the dude the master lock :mog:
  9. If my mom was burning? yeah i'd probably run in faster than usian bolt.
  10. Apparently he ripped a fucking tree out of the ground! and chucked it through a window to get in. Chris just went Hercules.
  11. Think about that, we all say "I'd save [insert name here], or at least I'd try to do it" but maybe I'm wrong but I think you haven't been in that situation, your mind gets blocked and you are paralyzed and if you're in you may try to save the person but if you're out you must be very brave to get in to save someone...
  12. As someone who has saved both his brothers from drowning I know that the first instinct when you realize a family member is in danger of losing their life is you help them.

    Chris did something amazing here but it is something that any decent human being would do. I'd take a bullet for my mother easily.
  13. If it was someone random, like a neighbor or some shit caught in the flames maybe then I'd think about it and might not do anything in the end. But when it's someone in your immediate family, you can bet your ass that 95% of people would jump in and help without thinking twice.
  14. Is not about thinking, is about if you're out you get blocked I don't know if I explain ok what I'm trying to say.
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