News Chris Sabin Leaves TNA

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  1. Another TNA veteran has left the company. Chris Sabin's contract has expired and his last official date with the company was Saturday's One Night Only pay-per-view tapings.

    TNA did make Sabin an offer but similar to the situation with AJ Styles, it was not an offer that he was happy with. Sabin is already reaching out to indie groups and taking bookings.

    Many more think the next TNA veterans to leave may be Daniels and Kazarian.

  2. :damnn:

    This is terrible news for TNA wrestling. Chris Sabin is the most successful X-division wrestler in their history with eight reigns and one of those who has been with the company a long time, since 2003 if my memory serves correct. The veterans are just flying out of TNA at the moment but then again what do they expect when they keep offering their top talents half of what they are earning. I do hope TNA can start keeping hold of their talent.
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  3. fucking lol tna
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  4. It's over Dixie. Close the doors.
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  5. I am glad that fucker is gone. He had the shittiest angle, he has been left in the dust with his lady gone (really the only reason his angle worked, if worked is the correct word) and he hasn't done shit in months.

    How is this bad for TNA? Sabin got lucky they brought him back, and he got paid for it. Now he can go somewhere else and ask for money, because he hasnt done shit in TNA outside of his garbage feud with Aries in the last AT LEAST 18 months, and was out for what, 2 years before that?
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  6. Shame, really thought he had something going with the recent heel bitch character... Again, TNA doesn't offer their own originals what they should. I mean, he's an 8 time X Division champ ffs. And he held your WORLD TITLE just 8 months ago, TNA. Now he's just gone. Lol.... Well rumor has it that at least Low Ki has signed with TNA, so that would be a good replacement, I guess. For every wrestler they lose, they get new ones at least.

    I hope to fuck that Aries and Bad Influence stay, it'd be colossal mistake if they leave.
  7. Do you watch TNA regularly?

    The only reason I ask is because you said he hasn't done shit in 18 months...but he did win the TNA Heavyweight title 8/9 months ago and feuded with Bully Ray over the title, he has also had maybe 3 X-divisions reigns in the past year also. In terms of success I think he has had a very good 18 months.
  8. The way he beat bully was absolute garbage, and it was a filler reign. I haven't watched regularly in almost 5 months now, since all the AJ shit went down and they did all of December's tapings in one day. I read the spoilers, thought it was garbage, and have only recently began watching again.
  9. Ouch! That's a bad turn for the company! As Bill had said. Close the door's, Dixie.
  10. If Ken Anderson is next. I will chuck a tantrum.
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  11. He isn't lol. I guarantee it
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  12. It's really sad for me to see this. Have always been a big fan of Sabin, hell, he and Shelley were the guys who got me into TNA. Was just watching the show from 4 years ago that had Gen Me's debut against MCMG, and it's so strange to see that not only are all those guys in that match now gone, but the TNA roster is virtually unrecognizable compared to how it was then, in some ways good and in some ways bad. Gone are the people like AJ Styles and Jay Lethal who brought TNA it's identity, but also gone are people like Hogan and Scott Hall, who at least gave me something to passionately rant about. It kinda brings a tear to my eye with feelings of nostalgia.

    Was happy to see the guy get the World Title before he left. Even though you can argue it being terrible in hindsight, it was still the correct thing to do at the time.
  13. Hey Yo. It's good Hall left, he would have never stopped and could have possibly been 6 feet under if he had kept wrestling for the cash he made in TNA
  15. Fuck those fans.
  16. Dropping like flies.
  17. Never gave a damn about Sabin, but the fact that they are pushing guys hard one day and losing them the next is just sad. Pathetic company atm, as much as I hate to see it.
  18. The hope for TNA continues to drop. The X-Division really has no hope now.
  19. Didn't even notice he was gone the last few episodes. Not a big deal to me.
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