Chris Sabin planning on leaving TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. PWMania

    Could we see them both in a team at WWE?
  2. Hopefully he jobs to Aries at Slammy
  3. Sabin is great, hopefully he stays in TNA. This shit is becoming depressing...
  4. I thought Shelley was just supposed to be part of the Cruiserweights show on WWE Network, and not part of the actual WWE roster... That would make it a lot less depressing because they won't be given terrible names, split up, and jobbing on Superstars.
  5. How about Jamie? OK, who cares?

    I agree. IMO, they're underused in TNA. Make this chance count, WWE. Revamp the tag team division. :emoji_wink:)
  6. Until someone reliable makes this news (like Powell or Johnson), I ain't believing it, but it's still heartbreaking to even hear something like this.
  7. TNA News also confirmed this too.
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  8. Sorry but they aren't reliable. They may guess right in some cases, but just like crap like Wrestlezone, Meltzer, Torch guys and bunch of other smark sheets, I cannot trust them.

    - PWinsider, and only three I trust when it comes to backstage news.

    Plus the others just copy/paste. :rock:
  9. I hope they end up in the WWE to fix up the tag team division.
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  10. I'd love to see MCMG in the WWE tag division.
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  11. Apparently Shelly is negotiating with WWE through one of his "friends" in WWE. He's going to take a month off then negotiate himself. He wants to be on the main roster and not in FCW. Source: PWMania

    Dude, you know nothing apparently about dirtsheets lol. PWMania is always reliable, nearly as reliable as PWInsider. PWMania reposts a lot of PWInsider's news reports too, they're like a "partnership". is terrible, nearly as bad as wrestling observer. TNAsylum is accurate for TNA news.

    PWInsider though is the main dirtsheet, very accurate, very reliable. PWmania just reports a lot of their news, so you can trust them. PWmania reported Shelly leaving first, now look what's happened.
  12. I wasn't even speaking about PWMania bcuz I don't visit them, I was talking about other crap, but thanks for telling me about them.:burns:
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  13. Underused in TNA? Wait until they get to WWE, are split up, given stupid names, and never used as anything but jobbers.

    They were used fine in TNA. 182 day reign as tag team champions. Widely recognized as the tag team of the year in 2010 by most outlets. Shelley is a former X Division Champion. Sabin is a 4 time X Division champion.

    The only thing that held them back in TNA were injuries.
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  14. Oops thought you was bad mouthing my homies.

    PWMania follow us on twitter :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. If Chris Sabin goes will he take Velvet with him?

  16. I'd really like to see Velvet in WWE however I don't want it to happen. TNA is losing some of their best talent with these people leaving. I mean Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are fucking amazing and they'll both probably end up in WWE and be jobbing which I'd hate to see...

    Velvet I think could have a sucessful diva's run but then would end up like Natalya.
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