Chris Sabin the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion

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  1. Oh yeah! He did it! He's the new TNA WHC! I've watched this video at least 2 times today.

    Sabin deserves that title. This match could be nominated as the TNA Match of the year. I'm still excited.

    Here you can appreciate Sabin or just post random stuff. Now the only thing that must happen is Aries winning the BFG series!
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    ^Freddy Mercury approves.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Impact made me feel like they have a great future even if they're releasing great superstars.
  4. I didn't get to watch it, so it technically just got ruined for me. It seemed great, but is it just me or is Rampage Jackson a little off?
  5. Kinda kills the A&E'S/AJ storyline doesn't it? Maybe he'll lose it back next week.
  6. I actually don't like this at all, and I'm glad I haven't watched Impact live in 5 weeks. It's bad right now.
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  7. Impact was live last week. The other four weeks, it was taped :haha:
  8. Who cares about the AJ/A&Es storyline? They can have a lot of matches. I think it could be great an Aries/Sabin title match at BFG

  9. I meant live as in watching it when it was aired. I've only been keeping up on YouTube.
  11. Sorry if I spoiled you the match....
  12. No worries, it is my own fault lol
  13. Not really. This thread's title says it all...
  14. Ahh well, not as bad as when Aries's win was spoiled on here - was gutted!
  15. Think Prichard being canned will change anything? There's going to be a new creative direction.

    Sabin isn't a "main eventer", but they had to change plans at this point. It's worth a shot. But what's Sabin going to do every week? Bully's getting his rematch at Hardcore Justice next month (on TV).

    Was hoping this would get rid of the Aces and Eights but it really just confirmed Bully vs Hogan at BFG. God dammit.
  16. NO PLEASE! Hogan wrestling again is just like my granny trying to dance like a b-boy...

    I think he'll come out next week and he'll say "Do you know who I am?" to Bully as he said he'd do. Then he'll fight other guys. But that doesn't matter at all, I'm looking forward to the Hardy/Styles match tbh.
  17. I think so, he was the main man and now it's someone else's job.
    It's not that I don't like Sabin, but he's not even been back long and has been pushed like this already. He didn't earn it I feel, whereas Bully did. That guy took years of building up for his reign, and it's taken away by someone who just returned.
    TNA had me gripped with the Aries/Suicide swerve, but what came of that? A name change, nothing more. Impact sucks right now.
  18. You're right with the Bully stuff, but I could say the same about The Rock as the WWE Champion. He came for one match and won it. At least Sabin won some matches before his World Title reign.
  19. The Rock is in WWE, and WWE has consistently sucked for 10 years now. I expect no more from them.
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  20. Fluke champion. I know they were trying to tell the underdog story with the match. With Chris having absolutely no offence leading up to him powering out of it and getting the clean win. Only that didn't happen. He got his ass kicked for like 20 minutes and then beat Bully over the head with a hammer. How he is supposed to be a believable underdog champ is beyond me.
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