Chris Sabin's Knee is, indeed, injured.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. :sad:

    At least it wasn't the same knee. This guy just can't catch a break.
  2. Update on Chris Sabin's Injury

    Dixie Carter [email protected]

    Poor, poor guy. Seriously.:facepalm1: Hopefully it's 4-7 weeks this time. It's only my prognosis if the injury is smaller.

    BTW, he was no1 trending topic today on twiiter. Everybody is supporting him.:yes:
  3. I just watched the match on Youtube...he was pretty good, I hope to see him more in the ring when he comes back.
  4. This really sucks. You have to feel horrible for the guy.
  5. With him gone. Who in the X division is there to drop the belt too once Aries starts feuding for the world title (God I hope he does)
  6. Douglas Fuggin Williams

    I'm assuming they will have an Ultimate X match for the vacant title at Destination X
  7. With Sabin injured, Shelley gone, Aries feuding with Roode in the title scene through the summer possibly, there's only 4 X Division wrestlers left.

    Douglas Williams, Zema Ion, Kid Kash and Mark Haskins (who's still alive and is on the roster because he appeared on Impact post show). I guess you could include Kazarian who isn't in the BFG series here and Alex Silva but he isn't active.

    That means one thing: push Doug Williams again! I'd have no problem with eiher Kash or Zema winning it too, but Doug's been wasted for 1.5 year, these haven't.
  8. Doug was incredible with it and his whole anti high flying deal. Didn't they make him drop it because he couldn't get in the country or some shit last time out?

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  9. Volcan exploded back at Lockdown 2010 so couldn't fly to event, but his push nevertheless continued after that. He wore the belt for 8 months overall, and has held every title in TNA except the WHC. He was, imo, THE wrestler of the year (2010) in TNA. He was the best thing bar none.

    Then at Genesis 2011 he lost the TV Title to Abyss and disappeared, then reformed the British Invasion with Magnus, but again been on TV only a handful of times. Now he's again waiting for something to pop out for him in creative waters. Hopefully this is the right time.
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