Christian and the Intercontinental championship

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. Why didn't Christian get his belt? When Tensai and Tyson Kidd were fighting I saw the belt next to the steel steps, does he not give a damn?
  2. Maybe he has down syndrome and thought the title would fly into both of their heads magically?
  3. Its because the sun was in his eyes and he couldnt see it!!! it seem to be a common problem with him cause he always have his hand above his eye to block out the sunlight!!!

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  4. No, if you noticed the entrance, he throws it down quickly
  5. what is this thread even about? XD
  6. Christian being a bad Ic Champion :sad: he needs a spanking.
  7. He needs a good feud tbf! The Intercontinental Belt still means pretty much jack shit tbh!
  8. I thought cody was the IC champion thb. i forgot he lost it
  9. Proves my point!
  10. Still doesn
    t mean you should treat the title like shit live like that, that's just stepping way over the line now.
  11. True but I don't think anyone really noticed as I didn't!

    Plus if they did it's easy to work into a storyline and make interesting!
  12. farooq delete the +1 rep you gave me so you can add +5 :boss1: this will be your first accomplishment as legend :isee:
  13. They should make a storyline about this, at least it'll give it a reason to why he did this, and here's a picture Looks like Sokomoto should have tooken it :pity:
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  14. :facelogic:
  15. I don't really know what you're talking about because my stupid Internet didn't allow me to watch that match, but I agree the IC title could be used better.
  16. Meaningless title is meaningless.

    Like Cloud said he could use a decent feud, but even if Christian were the best IC champ since Dolph Ziggler, the belt won't mean anything once he drops it. We've seen the US/IC belts elevated for short periods, but it never lasts from one champ to the next.
  17. :sad: Have hope, it could still happen
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