Christian at Slammiversary?

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. Must have had a pre-agreement. Obviously a way to try and draw more fans to watch it.
  3. Thought you were not allowed to go on other wrestling shows when you are contracted on another wrestling show or did I just make that up?
  4. This might have been the agreement when Flair was allowed to go to the HOF ceremony when he was with TNA still.
  5. This is cool :emoji_slight_smile:

    Probably what the agreement was for the Flair HOF deal that TNA made with WWE. Apparantly WWE were going to give something back to TNA. Guess this is it.
  6. :yay: ill probably watch it now
  7. Cool to hear some of alumni is coming back to one night big PPV.
  8. It's been confirmed he will be making an appearance. Look on the Imapct Wrestling site and see for yourself.
  9. Anyone else excited to see Christian in TNA for a night?
  10. That Booker smiley is an abomination.

    Anyway is this slammiversary tonight? Might give it a watch.
  11. It's Saturday bro. :lebron:
  12. It's tomorrow.
    Christian for President!
  13. But today's Saturday :upset:

    Thanks CM Punk for ridding me of my confuzzledness :pity:
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