News Christian Injured Again?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, Jul 15, 2013.

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    Well thanks a bunch Sheamus, Just when we get him back he gets injured again. Fucking hell.

  2. Just chipped teeth bro. Calm down! :emoji_grin:
  3. Nah the concussion thing.
  4. ... And the IWC wonders why WWE don't push him.
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  5. It had to have been when he punched him through the ladder. That was a pretty good shot to the face.
  6. Injured again. Why does it happen to one of the actual decent wrestlers in WWE?!
  7. You talk like WWE have no talented guys.
  8. Sheamus was actually mad stiff in that match. Fuck you Sheamus.
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  9. Good boy Sheamus. Captain back inside.
  10. They do have them, but they don't know how to use them to make their shows and storylines look interesting imo.
  11. Not to be that guy, but TNA does? TNA is in the exact same boat.
  12. WWE has a lot of talented guys, but they tone down their movesets by a lot so they don't get injured.
  13. Cause TNA does that great.
  14. You're right, but WWE used to make great things and have a lot more resources than TNA. That's why I expect more from WWE than from TNA.
  15. Arrive
    Gets injured
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  16. Chipped teeth suck, I would know from personal experience. That sucks though.
  17. Damn it Sheamus you stiff bastard
  18. Did anyone notice how pissed Sheamus looked throughout that match? Most notably after RVD almost caused him to land head first into a ladder leg. He worked insanely stiff after that.
  19. True, the guy was stiffing everyone throughout the match.
  20. Im guessing you havent seen the pic Sheamus put up on Twitter then? Having a dig at CM Punk for dragging down his trunks while Sheamus was hanging onto the case, giving some fan girls a bit extra to see at the PPV
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