Christian medically cleared to return to action.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. PWmania
  2. Really hope he returns soon. :downer:
  3. Okay, awhile back I was kind of fantasy booking on here, but in a way that I believed was plausible to happen based off what we know. To summarize, Randy Orton was to do something dick-ish on the last Smackdown before Elimination Chamber. At the PPV, The Shield would win by pinning Sheamus. Then later, The Shield attack Randy Orton and prevent him from entering the Chamber. Christian would then take his spot in the match. This would lead to the build of Sheamus/Orton, the only match that was reported to happen that has yet to begin it's build (outside of Punk/Taker due to Taker's injuries). The longer version, where I explain more in depth, is here.

    Anyway, the only reason I'm bringing this up is because honestly, it's starting to play out like that. Randy Orton did do something that can easily be construed as wrong by The Shield on Smackdown, and yeah Henry got him for it but still I doubt that'd stop The Shield. And now it seems Christian is in prime condition to fulfill the replacement.

    And yes, I understand I'm probably just clinging on to false hope here. I need something to remain interested enough in the product to continue reading the results.
  4. Want Christian back, want him back as surprise return in EC
  5. I want him to return as a heel to be honest, and actually be relevant.
  6. well we know how vince feels about him so don't expect much guys
  7. Am I the only one who is not a huge Christian fan? Hardly a fan at all tbh. :urm:
  8. :mad2:
  9. Anyway, wouldn't mind seeing him back.
  10. FINALLY...Christian will come BACK to WWE!!!
  11. No you're not. I really don't like Christian that much either, he's kind of boring and I couldn't really care about his in ring stuff.
  12. If he returns Sunday, that's his third consecutive Elimination Chamber return. :dawg:
  13. Agreed.
    He's alright in the ring, but has never wowed me.
  14. You guys are whack. You guys dislike all of this?

  15. Never said I disliked him, just not really a fan.
    Also, that was gay.
  16. ^ Said the guy who wants to stick it in GTI
  17. It's about time. Christian is one of my favorite wrestlers with great talent, charisma and is an instant classic. :otunga:

    Christian should return as a heel with a good run this time, make it happen.
  18. Great great news for me. He's one of my favorites! I hope he gets a strong push for a title
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