News Christian Possibly Leaving Soon

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  1. It's not like they even make an effort to do anything with him anymore anyway. And replacing him in the chamber match? Not that it'll happen, but there's a guy I can think of named BROCK LESNAR that could always beat the shit out of him and take his spot in the chamber match. Christian's always good at selling a beat down, but it won't happen unless Lesnar is winning the belt, which I'm positive is no longer happening.

    But where would Christian go if he left WWE? Back to TNA? Meh. I'd rather be a solid midcarder with a larger paycheck in WWE than a big fish in a small pond. He doesn't seem like the kind who'd go to Japan (not that I know what he'd do) and I haven't heard anything about him retiring anytime soon. He could take a few years off, I suppose. I know he's 40 but he's in excellent shape and can still go. He could always take a step back entirely and then return in a year or two (or more) for one last run, perhaps.
  2. Geez, nobody wants to be in this 2nd rate company anymore. Shut the doors Vince its over
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  3. Good, he sucks.
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  4. Everyone's going to look back on 2014 and go "Oh yeah, That's when WWE went out of business"
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  5. cant say this really surprises me. i was never really impressed by his in-ring or mic skills. he's no Edge.
  6. He's really not relevant anymore. I don't see much opportunity for him there anyway. Head to TNA Christian, Christian Cage needs a return. Only time I really loved him.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I like Christian, and I always thought he was a good wrestler, but he doesn't need to go to any other place to wrestle.. He need to retire.
  8. I've always enjoyed Christian but yes it's time for him to retire, as for ADR I wonder what he's going to end up doing.
  9. Christian was always the more entertaining of the two when they were a duo, and his Captain Charisma run was gold.

    Christian haters can suck it. He's been bland his last couple of runs and can't stay healthy, but he is still awesome.
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  10. go back to Mexico and wrestle for millions of pesos
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  11. The only thing Christian was better at than Edge in the beginning of their Careers was mic work.
  12. I always found him more charismatic and a lot funnier in promos and segments. Ring work is really a matter of personal preference, but Edge's biggest move being a glorified hug was offputting for me.
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  13. He was certainly better than Edge in promos, and segments in the beginning. Heel Edge really was amazing though. As a whole I think Edge put together a more entertaining career. Although, I never followed Christian in TNA, so my opinion takes a hit.
  14. I didn't watch/haven't seen WWE from 08/09 which I think was basically Edge's peak. So I'm probably a poor judge. Not trying to say Edge < Christian, anyhow, just saying both were very good performers. We can probably all agree they were both at their best when they were tag teaming together.
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  15. Yup, both were great, but neither of them ever really carried the WWE

    I believe Edge had 4 title reigns, and the 4 combined doesn't reach the amount of days Sheamus has had the title during his two. Just some perspective about them both as the top guy, because many think Edge was giving far more opportunities, which he wasn't imo. Edge to me, was the guy winning the rumble, winning mitb, cashing in, and losing in a month.
  16. If he does decide to not renew his contract, I will really miss him. I loved his work back in 05, loved his TNA run, enjoyed him carrying ECW in 2009 and E and C are my favorite tag team. He has gotten quite a few injuries over the years and is now a father so I can see why he might decide to retire.

    Although I know one thing for sure Peep4Life.
  17. Edge had 11 title reigns lol. Kind of ridiculous imo but then it's not really that big of a deal anymore to win any championship (even the world title) a multiple number of times nowadays.

    I agree that one was as good as the other when they were together as a duo (they were one of the highlights of 2000/2001 for me) but Edge undeniably was always fingered as the breakout star of the two and was given the stronger push. Edge was a constant main event player and had feuds with all the top names at some point (Cena, Batista, Orton, HHH, Michaels, Undertaker, Foley, etc) and won multiple world titles, won the '01 KOTR, won the first-ever MITB briefcase, won the Rumble, and most of all, main evented Wrestlemania against the Undertaker. Christian had two very short-lived WHC reigns and the only BIG big names that he's feuded with is Randy Orton, and if you count that very small mini-feud back from 2005, John Cena.
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    4 WWE Championship title reigns did he not? I guess I should have specified. I wouldn't consider WHC to be the elite title at all.
  19. Christian vs ADR really changed my mind about Christian's career. But at this point, I don't think there's anything left for him.
  20. didn't he try the "one last match" thing vs ADR? seems silly & redundant to have him come back a few months later and do the same routine. I think it's time Christian lets go and just waits for his time in the HoF down the road.
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