News Christian Suffers Concussion AGAIN

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nero_x3, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. According to, Christian was pulled from Main Event tonight because of a slight concussion. Any least it's not severe but my god will Christian throw in the towel already? Way too many injuries recently, and his age doesn't help him.
  2. At this point Christian needs to go away for his benefit and ours.
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  3. He can still work, but he's too injury prone. Time to hang up the boots, Christian.
  4. Damn I was excited seeing him get a shot at the IC Championship but the injuries have really been stacking up for him.
  5. I disagree he can still put great matches. he just needs to stay heath.
  6. Time to call it a career, perhaps? I would suggest just taking a step back and maybe returning for a final run in about two or three years down the road, but I suppose there's little reason to think Christian would be any less injury prone then than he is now. And what is there really left for him to do anyway? He's accomplished pretty much all that he's going to accomplish. He's never going to main event Wrestlemania, he's never going to get another run with the world title (especially with there being only one championship to win nowadays), and adding another Intercontinental or Tag Team Championship to his record is hardly gonna change anything. Not that having a good performer and veteran on the show like him would hurt (granted that he managed to stay healthy), but he's pretty much peaked.
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  7. I don't care how good of a match Christian can still put on, saying he "just needs to stay healthy" is a silly comment (at best). I'm sure he's not trying to get hurt in his matches, but, for whatever reason, that seems to be happening more often than not.

    It's probably honestly time that he do what Edge did....for his own good.

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  8. Edge was fouse into retire due the neck injury.
  9. I'm aware of this. And maybe it's time for Christian to follow his lead, i.e., retire for the sake of his health.

  10. he can wrestling edge was foues until Christian can still do it so why retire!?
  11. Whilst his injury isn't as bad as Edge's was accumulation of injuries especially concussions can really screw things up, Christian wouldn't be forced to retire like Edge was but it may be best to leave before he is at that stage.

    - T.D
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  12. My friend called the concussion as soon as ADR hit that kick. It looked fucking gruesome. I thought Christian was gonna roll out of the ring and not finish the match.
  13. Christian is just like Rey Mysterio hes been injured to many times. Its time to hang up the boots you cant hang in the ring anymore
  14. I know what spot you're referring to, but can you find a GIF of it?
  15. So everything wwe says is kayfabe now? Gee let me go ask Eddie Guerrero and Owen Hart about that.
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  16. He just needs to stick to PPV commentary for a couple months, the guy is great on the mic. Bummer he is so injury-prone, especially when he finally got a decent angle going on. I dig heel Christian.
  17. To second @Tyler Durden, I would rather see him walk away while he still has the capability to remember his wife's and daughter's names. Concussions are nothing to screw around with.

    Look, Gohan, he's a grown man and he can do as he pleases, I would just rather see him decide to retire rather than having retirement forced on him.

    I guess I'm just a greedy bastard.

  18. Meh, heard the concussion was slight, twas a pretty noice kick by the ADR.
    Hope he heels quickly, would like to see him not go out via injury.
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