Christian to induct Sting into TNA hall of fame

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Aug 23, 2012.

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  2. Christian better not act awkward like he did the last time he appeared for TNA. It was very hard to watch :downer:
  3. You can tell Christian didn't want to be there. Why would TNA have someone like Christian induct him anyway when there is much more worthy talents? It just screams "GIVE US SOME WWE FANS" to me, it's stupid.
  4. Why the hell does TNA want their own Hall Of Fame? They've been around all of ten years.
  5. Screw TNA Sting should be in the WWE HOF for what he did in WCW as he WAS WCW!
  6. Is it stupid? If even a handful of WWE fans check out the ceremony because of Christian than it's a pretty smart ploy if you think about it. More eyes on your product is never a bad thing.
  7. Don't think Christian wants to go there unless he's working for the company. It's to awkward since WWE will act like it never happened, he'll bi in a rival company, and just other stuff. It'll be good for ratings, but I think they can use someone else.
  8. If Christian is mad about having to do it he can blame WWE for using him as a bargaining chip when WWE wanted to induct Flair into the HOF with the Horsemen.
  9. He should quit both and go to CZW and have a nice warm safe career :yay:
  10. Smart move by TNA. Don't think Christian likes it, though.


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  11. Poor Christian... WWE is such a slave trading business
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