Christian Update

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Let's hope to see a Rumble return. Will also be amazing to see him induct Edge.
  2. Who else could induct Edge in all honesty? It's got to Christian hasn't it? I hope to see him back soon, one of the best workers in ring and on the mic currently in the WWE imo.
  3. So true.

    He's used completely wrong atm as a heel though.
  4. Glad to hear he'll be back soon. He's in my top 5 wrestlers and indeed, he's about only one who can induct Edge properly.
  5. Christian is great on mic, and in the ring.. I hate him as a heel though.
  6. Then he's doing his job right :wink:.
  7. I guess so ay? Do you think Christian could ever generate the fan base that CM Punk has?
  8. If booked correctly yes. He's already loved just as much by the IWC (internet wrestling community), he just needs the right booking to get super-over like Punk.
  9. I think that Punks badass rep towards Ace, has gotten him twice as many fans. I love the kid haha.