Christian York - Made for the X-division?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Whenever we discuss the future of the X-Division on here, Christian York is a name that is thrown around. York won a contract on a gutcheck segment (If you watch the show you already know this) and came in guns blazsing, having matches with Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode in his first few weeks. Since then York has not been on TV as much and his momentum has cooled a bit, he still has momentum but not the amount he had coming in. He last showed up when he wrestled Kenny King and Zema Ion at Lockdown for the X-Division title. I know some people want to see him as the future of the division but I am skeptic, especially after the Lockdown match.

    I'll be short and honest. York is too slow for the X-Division (in my mind). He seems to have put on muscle mass and at Lockdown seemed too slow and sluggish for the X-Division, dragging down the match. But if York isn't made for the X-division (I'll agree he does show some promise for it), where does he belong?

    Do you really see Christian York as an X-Division guy?

    What other divisions could you see him work in?

    Would you in any way tweak his style/character?

  2. I see him an X-division guy because he isn't doing a bad job at all and he's much better than KK.

    I could see him fighting for the TNA Heavyweight Championship because he's good.

    I'd make him a heel, it's much better.
  3. Are you shitting me? What match did you watch? King was awful in that match, one major and one solid botch, Zema was good as usual, and York made the match look decent in the end. Just sayin about that particular match, not overall. York was MVP of the match, IMO.

    - Honestly, no.

    - He seems like he'd fit perfectly into a Tag Team scene with Jeff Hardy or James Storm. Just a thought.

    - I'd just turn him heel lol.
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  4. York doesn't impress me much at all. He seems pretty fucking sloppy and his character is bland, even if he does look "different".
  5. TV Champion, around there suits him.
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