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  1. The guy still injured? I hope he'll return at least for the WM MITB match. :emoji_slight_frown:
  2. Aside from greats like DiBiase, Roberts or Hennig... nobody's proven himself the way Christian has and Vince turns a deaf ear

    What more can Christian do? Hennig got hurt, I got that, but Christian was actually over as a babyface.... legitimately

    They could have capitalized off him at any point, but Vince genuinely will not give Christian the 'brass ring'

    They haven't maximized his abilities, but he hasn't screwed up either. *cough* RVD/Hardy
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  3. Unless you call going to TNA a screw up, I completely agree though. It's so annoying, SO MANY people see Christian for what he is, one of the most talented WWE talents there is. Batista even said he needs to be pushed more.
  4. I did not know this.
  5. You're welcome :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. I've heard he is supposed to be back any time... idk though.

    In my dream scenario at the SD taping tonight he will return, beat the ever loving shit out of the Great Khali and be put into the EC match to replace him, win the WHC, and go to defend at WM against Sheamus

    none of that will happen though
  7. I'd love for that to happen. I think WF should start booking matches.
  8. Can't wait for his return tbh Christian is one of those guys you just have to love! I hope when he does return he gets the push to super-stardom he deserves and has a much deserved run as champ!
  9. Tbh I was expecting a #30 entrance at the Rumble...
    Now though I reckon they will wait until after Mania to bring him time to build him into anything...
    And I don't think they have MITB at Mania now it has it's own PPV.
  10. Hasn't TLC been moved to replace MITB?
  11. Yep. I'm 90% sure MITB will be at mania this year.
  12. I stopped watching Smackdown as much because Christian doesn't come back anymore. He better return to TV soon as a face so that he could induct Edge.
  13. Imagine Bryan vs Christian. Please WWE book this instead of Bryan vs Show.
  14. They could put on a MOTYC if given 10 minutes. It would be that good.
  15. I love your avatar and sig @[seabs] :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    But yeah completely agree, argh, it baffles me why they won't book this.
  16. Christian face vs a heel bryan is excellent booking but there's sheamus to meddle with it. Sheamus is a good in-ring performer but he just doesn't spark out a lot of moves when he's in the ring.
  17. He's decent, overrated in my opinion. Christian is a much better athlete. The match could be insanely good.
  18. Exactly if Christian could do wonders with Randy Orton than Christian/Bryan could be better than MitB 2011 with Cena/Punk
  19. Christian wants one more match...

    Bryan comes down to the ring and hands him a box of matches and tells him Christian to leave him alone
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  20. +1 like. Nice little joke!
    Christian vs. Bryan would be a real dream match.

    And he needs to come back as a face. Of all the dumb things WWE has done of the past year, the Christian heel turn was the worst.