Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by HeatherSays, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else ever wonder what Christian is saying on the stage and when he is on the top rope during his entrance? XD
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  2. Yeah I do, he says it so fast lol. Cena and Punk's are easy to lip-read. Also, hello again! :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Hi! :emoji_grin:

    Yeah. I mean Cena says it into the cameras mic most of the time and Punk, as you said, is easy to lip-read. I DVR SD and I have watched Christian talk over and over at times and I still can't tell >< I am too curious and it makes me mad!
  4. We should spam tweet him. Whilst we're talking about Christian, I hate the position he's in now (midcard jobber).
  5. Yeah I agree. I like Christian a lot. I honestly think they need more belts in the WWE. They took away so many of them but they have such a large roster.
  6. Not sure on more belts, but I'd welcome a renovation of the belts. Give them meaning. Perhaps introduce a cruiserweight championship and keep the IC title and US title (renamed) for the strong midcard future ME guys.
  7. :obama: I agree with that.
  8. When he walks out, it's usually peeps, I'm the champion in (whatever city he's in). Then he points to the ground to solidify his place. When he gets into the ring, he jumps up to the second rope and says I want to see my peeps in (whatever city he's in). Then he does the peep search.

    I'm pretty good at lip reading and it took forever for me to get it.
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  9. Wow, I never knew that. Nice first post man :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Agreed! Pretty awesome. I have to watch it over and over now and try to see. XD
  11. I think that in his latest match with either Sandow this week on Raw or Del Rio last week on Raw, the camera zoomed in really close and picked up Christian's speaking more than usual. That might be the best place to try to pick up what he's saying.
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  12. Thanks!!
  13. I'm also sad that he's being used as a midcard jobber. He should be main eventing. :downer:

    But I never really got pissed about not understanding what Christian says, he always says something but I never really tried to figure it out.

    By the way, welcome MegaBotch.
  14. I like Christian but he doesnt seem to me like a main eventer.. i still see him as a tag team champion with edge and cant picture him being a believable main eventer :((
  15. Thanks everyone for the welcome.
  16. Nice work. I always knew when he would say 'I wanna see my peeps' but that was about it
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