Christian's Return in 2009

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Liquid7778, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. Todd Grisham's reaction to this is priceless.
  2. I was just happy to see my boy Christian back.
  3. YOU'RE A CHRISTIAN FAN?!?!?!?!?! I had no idea :cornette: *Frie has a sarcasm overload*
  4. I marked for that when it happened. And I still have his theme on my iPod. One of the best in WWE, I think.
  5. I'm not a Christian fan. I am the Christian fan!
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  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAND this is why he went to TNA.
  7. Nah dude. This was in '03 while he was IC Champ. He was frustrated that he was being booked in major championship matches, was over as fuck, but wasn't getting that championship.
  8. After that small rivalry with Cena, I think he snapped, tbh.
  9. That and probably losing to Batista as well. Pretty sure after Christian left the WWE, he was crying a lot according to Batista. :sad:
  10. True, but his TNA run was quite successful. When he returned, he had a decent run as well.
  11. Yeah, he had a pretty well run when he returned. ECW Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and Intercontinental Champion. Real nice, although he could have been booked stronger.
  12. Everything was going good until [​IMG]
  13. They should seriously fire that fuck who thought it would be a good idea for him to lose the title two days later.
  14. Yeah,
    I didn't get that at all. Really pissed me off.
  15. And this......

  16. I was raging pretty bad as well. It's like the fans longed to see his major title run, only for it to get stolen. I'll admit that Orton and Christian have great chemistry. Also, I think that's when the Orton hate really took off.
  17. I didn't mind the idea of a short title run for Christian, but that was just uncalled for.
  18. I would have been happy for at least two months. Not really a month. Funny thing is, I didn't care when Cena beat Mysterio for the WWE Champion.
  19. For what the guy has done for the business, if you are going to give him a belt, let him hold it for a while. Putting it on him and then suddenly taking it off is like saying "Hey, we know you like this guy, but it doesn't matter what you think as fans". Which is probably not as close to the mark as it feels like. It's just frustrating to like a guy, and see him get some run, and then have it taken right from under him.
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