Christian's return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Surely this dude is due back any time now, right? He's been out since July, and there were reports in Feb. that he was ready to return and just waiting on creative to write him back in.

    Christian is one of those guys that has been booked terribly more times than we can count, and you never know what to expect when he comes back. In 2011 he made a nice return and had a lot of momentum, winning the WHC twice. In 2012 he returned as a face and won the IC title but didn't really make much of an impact.

    He can always come back as a heel or a face, you never really know with him. There are a million ways it could go.

    -Returns as a face and feuds with Cesaro for the US Title
    -This BR article suggests he be revealed as leader of the Shield (I don't really dig that)
    -Captain Charisma gimmick, feud with upper midcarders like Barrett or Henry

    Personally I think it would be cool if he returns as a heel and has a feud with ADR after Mania, whether ADR is still WHC or not. They had some great matches in 2010 when ADR was a heel and Christian the face.. I'd like the see them match up with the opposite dynamic of ADR being the good guy in the feud.
  2. I've lost interest in Christian over the years. I'd be fine with him just retiring at this point. If not, then feud with Del Rio over the title or just jobbing to put others over in the midcard like he's done most of his singles career.
  3. Basically, what the post above says. It seems like the more I see him, the more my interest in him fades away. WWE didn't use him correctly 99% of the time.
  4. I'd like to see him come back and feud with Barrett for the IC title, that needs abit of attention nowadays.
  5. I do prefer Christian as a heel and at this point WWE could use a big time heel.

    Someone that can run both midcard and main event
  6. He returns after WM and challenges Cesaro. He wins the title at EC and holds it till NOC even till SSeries. Then he faces a heel (Brodus Clay,Seth,Reigns,Sandow..)
    Then maybe a last tag team run with The Miz for example . The win the title at RR and drop it at WM 30 to the shield .
    The he takes some time off . Returns on October 2014 and says he wanna retire with one big match against a special opponent .
    Edge comes out and a match is set for WM31.
    Christian wins a few important matches on the RTWM and then loses/draws/wins and says goodbye .
    He gets inductee to the HOF one year later
  7. Christian's credibility died during his feud with Sheamus.
  8. Would love to see him get one more WHC push as a face, maybe against Ziggler at like Over the Limit or something (Summerslam should be used for Bryan or Rollins) How awesome would a Ziggler/Christian match be?
  9. Understandable fantasy booking but impossible. Edge legit cannot wrestle anymore. If he does there is a very large chance he won't be able to move anything below his neck.
  10. True. Then an epic match against someone else who has been his tag partner .
    Maybe against Bryan to put him over
  11. He could feud with Cesaro for the US, or maybe Ziggler for the WHC. I'd like those.
  12. I'd love to se Christian back and feud the WWE champion. I'd like to see him wining that title
  13. I could have seen it 2-3 years ago, but not now. WWE clearly doesn't have that type of faith in him and they have booked him too poorly over the past year or so to have him be considered a realistic threat.
  14. Maybe Edge could accompany Christian to the Ring? Be a heel Manager, not actually wrestling, but like kicking people when the ref isn't looking and things like that?
  15. This I could get behind. I've always expected Edge will return in some non-wrestling role be it a manager, authority figure, commentator.. he could fit most any role really.
  16. It'd be enjoyable and I could see them doing the whole posing for 5 minutes in the ring bit.
  17. It could work but Edge has said he doesn't want to be involved with wrestling unless he can wrestle. He has no interest in managing or anything like that. Only time will tell.
  18. He has been the World Heavyweight Champion but not the WWE champ
  19. Shame.
    Edge at Raw GM would work really well
  20. [​IMG]

    Face of a champion. ^ :yay:

    Can't believe WWE fucked him over so many times. He's so underrated and deserves so much more. Loved his run in 2011 though. His feud with Orton is one of my favourite moments of his career. I'd want him to return in a similar role as he was in 2005.

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