Christian's Return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. We noted before that Christian is scheduled to return very soon, likely as a babyface. At last word, he was waiting on a storyline to return to and officials had one, as of two days ago. His return is imminent.

    Post-Mania Raw, maybe?
  2. Also sounds likely, would be a nice surprise for Raw. Not nearly as good as some we got previously but for me it'd be nice.
  3. Not going to expect much from his return,this probably is his last run given his age and how injury prone he is. Would like to see him have a match with Bryan on ppv but i doubt that will happen unless its for a midcard belt.
  4. I'm a peep so I want him back as soon as possible, maybe as champion?
  5. Still don't know what the big deal with Christian is, he's not going to do anything phenomenal when he returns
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  6. How long has Christian been out?
  7. Anyone?
  8. I believe he got hurt again right before last years WM as he was meant to be on team Johnny. The dude just needs to give it up and take his bow and give his body the rest it needs before he does lasting damage.
  9. Yeah, he hurt his ankle before WM last year and wasnt cleared in time to compete, then he was back until a couple of weeks before Night of Champions, he was involved in the Brogue Kick getting banned stuff.
    But then it was his shoulder that was injured and he had to have surgery again.
  10. I like Christian, but, I always found him to be praised a lot more than he should be. Some people act like he is the greatest wrestler to ever grace the ring. Ehhhh, no....

    He was awesome when he was with Edge and then the first few years of his solo career afterwards. He hasn't interested me personally in a long time.

    I don't see him going anywhere when he returns, either, except back on his couch to recover from another injury.

  11. Yeah, sadly i see that happening too but like he has said, he wants to make the most of it before its all taken away from him, he wants to make a impact so he can join Edge in the HOF
  12. Ignoring the first part but agreeing with the second one. He'll probably be placed Mid-Card putting people over.
  13. keyword being phenominal. Sure it's good to put people over, but Christian has never put on a feud in WWE where I said "I have to see this". It'll be just average for me even if he puts someone over
  14. I see, thanks.
  15. Antonio dropping at ER or MITB
  16. Christian's return will make WWE take some viewers more at least for one night. Christian maybe comeback as Swagger and gets soon a title match and wins it, that'd be amazing imo
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