Christmas Legend Upgrade Thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Oct 17, 2014.

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    I'll be upgrading 5 users for lifetime legend this Christmas, so I figured I'd start it early to get as many entrants as possible.

    You can apply if you're currently a yearly legend.

    First come first serve for the numbers, write your number in your post. Draw will be done with

    You can nominate people, but they can only be nominated by one person. Just reply with a number and if that is a winner they win.

    Show Spoiler

    5: @C.M. Bryan (nominated by @CSRants)
    6: @Paige is Hot (nominated by @Z.T.O)
    7: @THG? (nominated by @Shadow)
    10: @Butters! (nominated by @Majour)
    15: @Majour (nominated by @Just Kevin)
    20: @Tsar
    25: @Sharpy Sandow
    27: @Lockard23
    30: @Tumbas (nominated by @Solidus)

    (More can be added if necessary)

    Good luck!
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  2. Pick a number :facepalm:
  3. Five. I pick five
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    3 karaoke of cosmos (I think he's only a yearly guy)
  5. 10. Please
  6. @seabs @Majour if you're nominating someone post their name with the number, or you can PM me it if you don't want them to know it was you
  7. 10. Butters!
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  8. I'd like to be upgraded, please.

    Seriously though, I nominate THG and Nick since I know that they're only part-time legends. #s are 7 & 3 I guess.
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  9. Please just use the money in FIFA wagers with me instead? I want to spoil myself.

    You should just buy yourself a scuf controller though bro.
  10. @Butters! is the GOAT (behind seabs)
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  11. Thanks, bro!
  12. Job. I can do both :dawg: - that's the only reason I'm doing a big one :lol1:

    M2^3 fuck scuf
  13. Aren't you still at college? I reminder you saying something about networking a while ago.
  14. Nah I finished in May
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  15. Why aren't your accounts merged yet? You're legend on the other one.
  16. I like having this new account separated from the old one. Although if I could be granted a free Legend upgrade since I had already attained that status before, that would be excellent.
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  17. Not really how it works. If you want the accounts separate you can't really get the perks from the other IMO. Also whats the perk to Starting over again with the exact same name etc.
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