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  1. Does anyone else here enjoy Christmas music parodies? I'm all for Christmas, but the music itself can sometimes get on my nerves early into the season since so many places feel the need to play it so early and often.

    So years ago, I got into Bob Rivers' songs, and in particular his twisted Christmas songs. One of my favorite Christmas songs now (among many, and yes, some traditional songs are still among my favorites) is "Who Put the Stump?" It's been among my favorites for the past few years.

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    (Hopefully this video is good sound quality; I can't listen right now to be sure.)

    One of my friends hates it because I get that song stuck in her head from time to time. :emoji_slight_smile: She also didn't like it because of me telling her about "I Love to Choke my Chicken with my Hand."

    Well, today she had a shitty day. In mentioning some things to cheer her up, while she was listening to music, I suggested she give Bob Rivers a try, specifically "The 12 Pains of Christmas." She loved it and finally decided she loves the Bob Rivers Christmas music now. lol She went from that to "Be Clause I got High," "If Eminem did Jingle Bells," "Carol of the Bartenders" and so on.

    So, does any one else here like Bob Rivers' or other Christmas parody music?

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  2. This one is cool.

    @[Farooq] might like this one.
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  3. Dio is obviously Santa Claus :true:
  4. I love Christmas music.
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