Games Christmas Wish List?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Lackin, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. What games are people looking forward to getting or playing this year?

    Personally these are mine:
    WWE 2K15
    Farcry 4
    GTA V
    Horizon 2
    Sunset Overdrive
    Assassins Creed Unity

    Do you agree or think these games look abysmal?
  2. MCC really and GTA V. Barely play anymore tho.
  3. AC: Unity and Far Cry I guess, the only games that I mainly want don't come out until next year.
  4. So looking forward to the Division. :burns:
  5. Forgot about that game. I used to pretty hyped about it but it sorta died down. Personally, it's dwindled down to a type of game that I might pick up if enough people I know have it.
  6. I used to be so excited for it, then they announced the delay and quickly lost interest but all the gameplay footage makes me hyped again.
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy Blu Ray
    GTA V for new generation..
    A Case for my Phone + 1 month phone card (I pay month to month).
    A Plug & Play kit for my X-Box One Controller
    The League Season 5 DVD (Christmas gift every year for the last 4 years)

    That's the main stuff I want, assorted gift cards & cash would be the rest of it all.
  8. You play Xbone? What's your gamertag? You play any FIFA/CoD/Battlefield?

    And for the OP, CoD and GTA are the only games I'm looking forward to but I'll buy them both on launch
  9. Gonna get a PS4

    I'll probably get games like:
    FIFA 15
    Dynasty Warriors 8 Complete Edition
    WWE 2K15
    Trials Fusion
  10. Yh my gamertag is "mlackin" and I own BF4 but that bad at it I don't play that much and I play Fifa but same scenario, I am thinking about getting the new COD for christmas but there are games I want more so it may have to wait. I own CODS on 360 though. I mainly play Destiny, Assassins Creed and Fifa (Single and Co-op Seasons)
  11. Sharpy420, Nah I might play the new one when it comes out but right now it's just NHL 15/Destiny and then I have Master Chief Collection fully paid off already.
  12. I was asking @Sharpy Sandow :dawg::dawg:
  13. You get Fifa 15 yet?
  14. Yeah I got it day of release, why?
  15. Is it good or nah?
  16. Lol :nope:
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  17. Yup, so I guess I'm only getting GTA V and MCC.
  18. I'd recommend avoiding EA UFC, everyone fights the same it's pretty ridiculous (Nick Diaz tried to double leg me as Hendricks for example there's no individual styles in it plus the controls are weird wow bro you're walking towards an opponent you obviously wanna throw a hook here when you're already gassed.) it looks fantastic but the gameplay is lacking IMO.

    As for the OP Beyond Earth is up there with Drive Club and the new Sherlock Holmes for me.
  19. Ah yeah, does sound pretty anti-climactic, cheers for the heads up.
  20. I was looking forward to 2K15 until i found out the 360 version is going to suck compared to the newer consoles.
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