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  1. I find that as I get older Christmas is not as special as it once was. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with family and love seeing my daughters face as she opens her gifts.

    I don't know if it has to do with working full time. Being in school you're around much more Christmas related activities. I remember being so excited when I was younger, as the day would approach. Now it's really just another day.

    Am I the only one that feels this way? If it wasn't for my kid I don't know if I'd care at all. Just thought I might open up this discussion. If you don't celebrate Christmas, apply it to your own special holiday for this time of year.
  2. It is getting a bit shit now.
  3. I agree, I find Christmas really depressing because my family always end up arguing.
  4. Christmas has been lame since I was like 14.
  5. Christmas spirit is missing, yes.
  6. But btw, Mr. Joey Ryan certainly adds some wierd spirit into it lol:

  7. I'll give you that, he does warm the cockles of my heart.
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  9. I still get excited round Christmas not over presents but as it's a time I see old friends, family etc and I just love that. As I get older that's what matters to me the most.
  10. It only sucks for me right now because I just got a job and I had to work on the days where my mom and I usually do Christmas traditions and stuff. It also feels like time is moving to fast. I have not even finished most of my Christmas shopping. Ugh.
  11. Yeah, it is starting to become pretty shit. For years me and my sister would get up at like 6am on christmas day and we'd each have a chair piled high with presents... last year I had about 5. Granted I also got £300 in a card but it still isn't the same.
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  13. That's called growing up. It is much easier for them to just give you money and you can buy the stuff you want and just give you necessities. I have stopped wishing for "fun" stuff from my folks. This year I've wished for a hair trimmer and a metal dish drying rack for example. Because I get money instead by most of my relatives to buy fun stuff for.
  14. Yeah I know, just saying how less joyous it is once you grow up.

    I prefer money over things I probably won't use as I can buy my own things but it still isn't as enjoyable.
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    .....the horse later died of syphilis.
  16. @[Lady Deathbane] it's not all bad you get used to working round this time of year and learn to fit all ur traditions and stuff in eventually. Plus in my workplace s older ones get daft and wear santa hats and stuff to get in the spirit and just have fun.
  17. Aids FTW.
  18. yeah, I guess you're right, but I work in an "upscale" woman's department store. Don't think they'd let us wear festive clothing. :tough:
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