Chronicling Big Show's Various Face/Heel Turns

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  1. I snagged this info off of a wrestling blog. Since Big Show seems to change up his face/heel alignment every other week (or realistically, at least once a year), I thought it'd be interesting to know just how many times he's officially switched from being face to heel and vice versa. And here it is:

    And believe it or not, there might still be a few that's missing from this list as well.
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  2. He was out until No Way Out 2008 when he returned as a heel. He was beating up Rey Mysterio.
  3. Priceless thread. Did he cry again?
  4. He almost did because people were calling him a traitor.
  5. Riveting stuff isn't it?
  6. LOL goddamn, does he have the record for most faction alignments/realignments or what?
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  7. Stop, you're hurting his feels.
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  8. What a versatile performer!
  9. I could see it coming a mile away. I wish the crowd chanted "we forgive you - clap clap clap" ... Then what would have happened to his promo?
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  10. What the shit happened to optimistic?!
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  11. The sarcastic ratings made the system crash. Next is "friendly"
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    And the Big Slow will turn face again only a month later from TLC:dawg:
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