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    When it comes to comedic wrestlers on the independent circuit of professional wrestling many have only one name to mention, Colt Cofuckingbana. Now I don't hate Colt I don't even dislike him I do like him.... shit wrong thread. Anyway people love Colt and his flying asshole but as the most entertaining comedy character for me is Chuck Taylor, he's a better more athletic worker than Colt, his crowd interaction especially his awkward chants are great and everywhere he goes he's madly over.​

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  2. #ChildKiller
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  3. That's what the WWE needs more scary faces.
  4. Or a heel who isn't afraid to get in the crowds face to get heat.
  5. Literally.
  6. The average American crowd should be so easy to get a rise out of to create heat so it is a bit of a shocker that the WWE doesn't do it more often.
  7. Except if you're foreign then you must hate the country despite going to work and live there.
  8. I'm no master talker (who am I kidding? of course I am) but just give me a fat American and I would have about five minutes of material for heat building just from that. But then they'd probably like a formal apology like when Del Rio ripped up a sign. But that's why you have plants.
  9. Insulting a tree won't draw heat.
  10. Chuckie T is a great worker and is one of the most enjoyable people to watch today.
  11. For PG:
    1. You're fat you don't work, the wheels on the car didn't roll your here, you rolled on your own.
    2. Hey I heard we had to order a new shipment of food because that guy *points at fan* ate it all along with ugly kids.
    3. I'm not sure what has more cushions the couch in the back or the fat on that guy and his mother.
    Honestly a crowd would start booing just from simple insults like that, if it was directed towards a fan.
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