Chyna Recalls Confronting Stephanie McMahon About Triple H Affair, Vince’s Reaction

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Very interesting read.
  2. She needs to move on. Allowing one man to ruin her public life is terrible. We've all been let go by somebody, she should have risen above this by now. The McMahon's know she isn't over Hunter, but I'm this fact has nothing to do with her professional life. It's easy to tell when a person has low self-esteem and values. This may be the reason her career hasn't turned as she has pleased.

    If I were a Chyna follower, I'd encourage her to get over Hunter completely and find something that pleases her spirit
  3. So she does porn and expects Vince to let her return to the company (which is PG, might I add) huh.
  4. I think she just needs to accept it and move on.
  5. That was about a decade ago. She needs to let it go and move on, maybe do more stuff with Impact Wrestling then. It would be good for her to put the Knockouts over and stuff.
  6. HHH, Vince, and Steph sound like complete pieces of shit, but then again I tend to take what she says with a grain of salt as she gets creamed on for a living
  7. That's wise.
  8. boyfriends dont have affairs, and that is the definition of upgrade.
  9. Indeed it's a huge upgrade.
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