Chyna tweets about the HoF

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  1. Based on the fact she is the only woman ever to hold the IC title and the first to enter the RR, she deserves to be in there. Despite all the mental issues and penises in the butt.
  2. Yeah, she definitely deserves to be in there.
  3. Yeah she deserves to be there.
  4. Deserved. She etched herself inthe history books, it'll be unfair if she's not inducted.
  5. Yay, Porn aside, I enjoyed Chyna as a wrestler and womens champion. The Bazooka she came out with and shot dem fireworks!
  6. Pretty sure she won't be there as long as Stephanie is around.
  7. Really HOF Reallyyyyyyy?????
    Porn aside ?NOOOOOOOO we can't leave porn aside :mad2:
    A fucking hardcore porn actress in the HOF of a PG company :lol1:
    maybe during the induction ceremony they're gonna show a video package of her best scenes :otunga: or she can talk about her last movie Chyna is queen of the ring wich featured a scene where Vince and Stephanie were down on their knees sucking her pussy :jeritroll:
    So NO just NO!!!!!!!!!
  8. Lol I lose respect for people who do porn

  10. DX at next year's HOF? PERFECT!
  11. She deserves a spot. She's certainly more qualified than some of the people in there, a sad statement when you think about it.
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