News Chyna's last weeks detailed.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ¡Tranquilo!, Sep 20, 2016.

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  1. Treat Me For Just Who I Am: An In-Depth Look at the Life & Final Days of Chyna

    Wow her manager wasn't shit...this actually depresses me.
  2. Damn, that's really sad :S
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    Chyna was the f***ing best man I loved her so much!!....When Sasha Banks gave that little speech a few weeks back about former great women wrestlers it hurt me that she did not mention Chyna I mean I honestly I was like WTF how do you not mention Chyna ( I know it has something to do with the drama from Hunter and Stephanie from back in the day but still that has nothing to do with her accomplishments) She was the 1st woman ever in a Royal Rumble, a former women's champion and a 3 time Intercontinental champion (The only woman to ever hold the title) and on top of that Vince Mcmahon himself was even thinking of letting her win the WWF championship Now how good did she have to be for that possible opportunity Her time with D-X was amazing and so entertaining, the f***ing bazooka shooting the fireworks was awesome and I really enjoyed her time on screen with the late great Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero. Chyna was a pioneer and really paved the way for these women today she really put over Trish and Lita ......#A true legend #9th Wonder Of The World #R.I.P......... Your manager sounds like a real jack-off!

  4. She was beautiful too! But wow!! Chyna, Trish, and Lita they are the reason I support the women's division so hard!
  5. Whatever people want to say about her skills in the ring, I don't care. I enjoyed her. I felt like her issues (mental, drugs, ect) never came in the way of her treating other people with respect, specially her fans.
    I don't ever recall hearing about her being hateful or mean intentionally towards anyone. She was just a wrestler who had a passion and wanted to be loved, appreciated, and respected.
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  6. Chyna was a broken person from almost day 1. A kind hearted person without a bad bone in her body, but a broken one. Her substance problems did not start in wrestling but only got enhanced in it.

    Her story is one of the sadder in wrestling because she never got the help she should have gotten. People tended to use her up and toss her to the side.
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  7. She did get used a lot. Her addictions made it easy for people to take advantage of her. :downer:
  8. I assume this Anthony Anzaldo guy is a Jew.