News Ciampa Appears At TNA Tapings

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    Come to NXT, plzz!
  2. Or just stay in the indies and avoid TNA at all costs.
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  3. Fine by me, darlin'.
  4. Looks like Ciampa is here to stay judging by the tapings. Trevor Lee too, but I hadn't heard of him before the GFW-TNA talent swap.

    PJ Black is a bit part of the tapings, so is Brian Myers (formerly Curt Hawkings) and Chris Mordetzsky (formerly Chris Masters), but I'll try not to spoil anything.
  5. Wait, Trevor Lee is in TNA now, too? Damn! I might have to start watching again, I'm a huge fan of both Ciampa and Lee (even though I'd prefer 'em in NXT, LUG or NJPW).

    I mean, Lee is just so talented for his age, he's definitely one of my fave indy wrasslers.
  6. It should be great seeing him on a big stage like TNA. Ciampa is extremely talented, too bad that match is just for Xplosion.
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  7. No, TNA is definitely not a big stage. They're, sadly, a dying company living on borrowed time.

    However, Ciampa debuting in WWE or NJPW would be considered a 'big stage'.
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  8. I'd say TNA is a big stage as long as they stay on TV. And didn't one network want them, but only if they could join them half way through the year? Which TNA declined as they needed TV way earlier than that to survive. Hopefully they can strike another good deal. Didn't Destination America promise TNA multiple shows? Kinda sucked that they never even did Xplosion as a proper show.

    Either way, yes, Trevor Lee will be apart of the GFW invasion.

    Oh, and Ciampa will be on Impact, not just Xplosion, which is awesome.
  9. Ciampa arrives to your company for an Xplosion match and you give him a bum like Crazzy Steve to wrestle? I can't believe.
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  10. :idk:

    Yeah, scratching my head at that decision as well.
  11. "It's all about making an IMPACT!" - Dixie
  12. To be fair, it's only Xplosion. And trust me, I can't remember what match it was specifically, but he gets a good one on Impact.
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  13. :ko:
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  14. Now...

    Show Spoiler

    Ciampa and Gargano appeared at a NXT taping.

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  15. Hopefully they have signed contracts :yay:
  16. Blind fan.
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  17. It's still in the top 3 biggest shows in North America and top 2 in most of Europe lol.
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  18. I think Lucha Underground would like to talk with TNA about being top 3.
  19. Weren't they in worse financial shape than TNA? Plus TNA has over 10 years brand exposure compared to what a year for LU?
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  20. I was thinking more out of a size of the show/quality context. I have no idea regarding their finances outside of neither promotion making money.

    LU does have very vocal fans and the show has received a lot of praise in its one year of existence. The field below WWE is very crowded with ROH, TNA and LU chewing at the bits.

    Then there's GFW but they don't even have a TV deal.
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