News Cincinnati Zoo Pleads "Stop Making Memes!"

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Aug 23, 2016.

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    People should stop making memes and jokes about Harambe, the gorilla that was shot after a child fell in his enclosure, according to the Cincinnati Zoo where he lived.

    At the end of May this year, a three-year-old climbed into the gorilla enclosure at the zoo in Ohio. After the child was grabbed by Harambe, a zoo worker shot and killed the gorilla, because officials were afraid that the boy would be killed.

    Since then, Harambe has become memorialised in more or less sincere memes, jokes and petitions. Those take various forms, and come from various parts of the internet and from across the political spectrum.

    Animal rights activist Anthony Seta organized a Cincinnati vigil in tribute to Harambe soon after he was killed. He said much of the attention in terms of memorials had been positive.

    "For the most part, I'm very happy with it. It shows people are remembering what a wonderful being he was," he said. "The ones that are mocking and making light of the death of this being, I find incredibly offensive."

    Ashley Byrne, an associate director at PETA, said that the trolls were in the minority among the people who were mourning the gorilla.

    "This tragic incident really did start a new conversation," she said. "Most people who saw the video came away with a great degree of empathy for animals forced to live in captivity."

  2. I still don't understand the "dicks out for Harambe" thing. I see it still all over online. Cringe worthy. That is the kind of crap that needs to stop already. They didn't do this crap with that poor lion.

    Also... Shame on you WWE fans... SHAME.



    It is one thing to remember Harambe as an animal that lost his life unfairly due to a parent's neglect of their child, but when you are doing crap like this just to be funny and get attention, you are basically using an animal's death to make a joke and I don't find that very funny. I humor you all on the forum with it but sometimes it is a bit too much.
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  3. You heard them, no more humping for the ape. It will drive them banannas...

    Oh god I am ashamed in myself for saying that...
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  4. I bet if it was about feet, you would have agreed, Punk. :pity:
  5. You made a general gorilla joke, you are fine. I think the whole "dicks out" thing is what is making the Zoo mad. Not things like what you said.
  6. What is meme may never die, unfortunately. Telling people to stop with banter or making jokes in general never work. Just look at Jeffry Mason if you want an example of trying to outlaw the banter on the .coms. Smh.
  7. You are probably right... This will end up making people do it more... :okay:
  8. #FeetOutForHarambe

  9. Always thought it was stupid.

    Just another thing that wasn't funny to begin with that people blow up into this big thing they think is cute and funny.
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  10. Big fan of the article saying that the Zoo wants people to stop making memes, but the interview is with PETA and other animal rights activists. At least the part posted here which I assume is a summary.

    Dicks out for Harambe
  11. There are Harambe memorials all over campus and in the dorms here... his legacy will never die

  12. I don't get why the zoo doesn't just ignore the memes, there will be a new trend popping up soon (one probably already has)
  13. Just a sidenote but wasn't the money gained from allowing the dentist to shoot that lion used to help the conservation of other lions?
  14. Memes are for faggots.
  15. Well there's always McChicken
  16. Memes are like children, the only way to stop them from making noise is to ignore them and let them die out...well maybe not the latter...but the point still stands.
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  17. I don't remember, I just remember seeing the pictures and getting mad about it. Like I can't stand seeing animals like that held up as a prize. I am fully against hunting unless it is for survival.
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    No it was not. Cecil was straight up poached. The dentist bought a "pleasure trip" which included hunting rare animals, in this case lions. The scumbags running the business then located Cecil, who himself was a protected lion through living on a reservation and being part of a science study focused on lion conservation. And then proceeded to lure him out of the reservation and killing him.
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