Cinema Sins

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by The GOAT, Jan 25, 2015.

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  1. This is a Youtube channel that I stumbled upon a little while ago that I think is pretty funny and worth checking out (provided you have a sense of humor and don't get butt-hurt at your favorite movies being picked apart like so many Youtube commenters do.) Some guy runs through different films and nitpicks and complains about any little thing that he thinks is wrong with the movie. Here's a few good videos as samples:

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  2. I like Honest Trailers more because they mostly rip apart superhero movies and big blockbusters, and I hate both those categories.

    Funny as fuck.

    Cinema sins guys are way more geeky and nerdy, they nitpick literally everything, many times it's full throttle forced and far-fetched.
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  3. I like both of those channels, but Honest is the one that gets me most of the time.
  4. Thought this was going to be about things you shouldn't do in the cinema...
  5. Dank channel, been going for years. I love the fact they even rip apart things like Toy Story, and Home Alone.
  6. I didn't find that funny at all lol. I should probably check out more of their other videos, regardless.
  7. Ha, good find
  8. I watched 30 seconds of the Die Hard thing and clicked it off. uhhhhhhhh, alrighty
  9. They're hilarious.
  10. This one's quite funny:
  11. Laughed my ass off at the Expendables stuff.
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  12. Newest Honest Trailer:

  13. I clicked the link to the "Die Hard" one expecting to be totally dumbfounded by the inherent stupidity of discussing anything being wrong with Die Hard.

    But that shit was funny.

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  14. It's quantity versus quality you dick-muncher. Cinema Sins pops out video like a whore pops out babies. Their shit is long & consistent.

    Cinema Sins is better because their videos are decent and put out on a consistent level, which is enough to level the playing field with Honest Trailer's high quality, but containing massive gaps between each release videos.
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  15. Still love Die Hard!
  16. What like pay £40 for you and your brother to watch a film and then fall asleep at the start. Or wanking at the back over 50 Shades?
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