Science Circumcision - Good or bad?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Neptune, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. I always felt weird about this subject. I thought and still think it is an unnecessary procedure that can effect healthy baby boys later in life. A lot of people said it helps with hygiene and all that but if a woman can keep herself clean, there is no dang excuse for a guy.

    There have been studies done that are now linking circumcision to one of the main causes of Erectile Dysfunction in men 40 and older. Basically, you have this done and you have a 4.5 times greater chance of it later in life. You are also more likely to catch a surface STD. And it is worth mentioning that studies are being done linking the procedure to autism in boys. Boys have a 1 in 52 chance where girls have a 1 in 252 chance of autism. Also I may as well throw in that men who are not circumcised experience sex differently because the nerve ending of the head of the penis is more sensitive. When you get circumscribed, this nerve ending is damaged or destroyed entirely.

    On the other hand, doctors are saying your prostate cancer risk is lowered by up to 14% if you are circumcised as a baby. You are less likely to suffer from a UTI, your chances of actual penile cancer are reduced, and some STD's have a harder time being contracted. It is also easier to get a woman pregnant (some studies suggested).

    I didn't feel like leaving source links for everything but if you need one, I will pull some up.
    Anyways, discuss your thoughts on it and if you would do it to your son (if you had/have one).
  2. anyone circumcised on the forum?
  3. I am... Not. :Littlefinger:
  4. Bad. Mutilation of an innocent for unnecessary ritualistic BS.
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  5. I have to ask, since this forum is made up of people all over... Why is uncircumcised penis considered bad or gross in America? I do not get it.
  6. I'm not at all anti-Semitic but entertainment and pop culture is written or controlled by mostly Jewish people. They decide to influence the masses with their agenda. Just like America was first run by mostly Christians and they peddled their agenda as well, thus only Christian holidays are statutory as an example. All religious baloney.
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  7. That makes sense. I have seen this in a number of movies and shows where an American woman is disappointed or almost offended when she is going to sleep with a man who isn't circumscribed.
  8. Exactly what Senhor said. It's just your typical Jewish evilness.
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  9. Doesn't really matter in my opinion. From what I've observed, the baby is usually given Anesthesia before the procedure. It's not like it has any importance to the body, and makes no difference if it's there or not.

    Just depends on tradition and stuff.
  10. I am not. I personally wouldn't do it to a child, just because I feel it should be their choice when they get older.
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  11. I think more and more mother's are choosing not to do it which is a good thing. And yeah, this should be a choice and not to compare, but I don't even like when they pierce a baby's ears. The BS thing of saying "it is so people know she's a girl!" is even worse.
  12. Sure I have read somewhere that being circumcised makes your member less sensitive.
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