News CJ Parker Released

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Mar 31, 2015.

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    - Aaand NXT's key jobber's been released! Best of luck in your future endeavours, CJ Parker.
  2. Well... And here's the tweet from the man himself.
  3. BS. Best jobber ever
  4. Damn. That seems odd. Good luck on the indy's, if that's where you're going.
  5. The one guy to leave WWE and not shit all over them. :ambrose:
  6. What!? He's got nothing else to do! This guy sells moves like it's his job, disagree with this for sure.. I'm not a CJP fan but all the NXT people love him and he doesn't care about selling people's moves.. he's a poor man's Ziggler when it comes to that aspect, obviously he doesn't have the in-ring abilitiies like Dolph but the selling moves is a big thing.
  7. Mvp didn't. Jeff Hardy didn't. a few others didn't either.
  8. Good point (despite me not being sure if it's true), the old "WWE booked me in the mid/low card so screw them" shtick is getting old. Drew McIntyre in TNA, for example, is already a pain lol
  9. Oh shit. And it's too late to edit to say NXT guys.

    (Even though half of the latest departures probably liked it there, unless they knew DeMott)
  10. True, but I think Drew's becoming more of a "get on and wrestle to determine the winners" guy with The Rising in TNA. I remember when it was even worse and half of the ex-WWE guys would cut that promo.

    Although WWE have problems determining who could actually be a big, big player for them.
  11. I think he has done a good enough job relating that to the people he's working against (BDC), but it kinda annoys me still. Although his delivery is very good.
  12. You busted the next champs nose on his debut you fool! GET OUT. And take your stupid signs with you.
  13. His first 2 promos were kinda cheesy but his Scottish-American accent makes everything better.

    Oh, and now we get The Rising vs BDC hopefully at Slammiversary, and that could be quite awesome.
  14. Well, I guess. I really think TNA could take it easy with the stables for once, but eh. Not really sure about how good Camacho and the other dude are going to be.
  15. True, but I guess it's a very easy way to get a number of people on TV at once. I doubt someone like Kenny King could be getting on TV this much without the BDC, even if he is apparently the resident jobber. I hear Shaun Ricker's a former NXT guy, very highly rated. I'm sure Camacho isn't that bad too.
  16. They may be good. I'm not sure they're going to be good because I've never seen much from them, really. And the stables are a fine way to get people on TV but they just keep doing them again and again. It's gotten stale and repetitive imo. But at least now they're not the main event.
  17. Yep, it was so nice to see the BDC go on about how the World Title was power back when Lashley held the title, at least they really put the emphasis on how they needed the title and everything revolved around that. Now they don't have the title and it's all falling apart, but hopefully once The Rising beat BDC, they can maybe go for the tag titles.

    Speaking of tag titles, I wonder who Magnus teams up with. Galloway? I would get behind that.
  18. 5 bucks they Russo the briefcase and never mention it again.
  19. They'll probably make Magnus pull a James Storm move. IMO, TNA's past that stage. After they had Storm actually cash in his forgotten briefcase, I actually think John Gaburick has a post-it note on his fridge to remind him that the briefcase exists. :emoji_grin:

    Aries and Magnus with briefcases makes me hyped.
  20. Aries I'm sure will get something out of it. On Magnus, true, they did remember it a year later last time, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Not really confident here though lol
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