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    AJ Styles
    - used by Chris Young
    Aleister Black- used by Victor Sokolova
    Andrade 'Cien' Almas - used by El Pecador
    Andrew Everett - used by Ryder Parks
    Becky Lynch - used by Lilith Young
    Candice LeRae - used by Lavender Haze
    Chace Crawford - used by Tyler Keenan
    Charlotte Flair - used by Ashley Young
    Charlie Hunnam - used by Jason Angel
    Corey Graves - used by Kameron Kalmar
    Dean Ambrose - used by Nick
    Drago - used by Blackjack
    Jared Leto - used by Arno Frye
    Jason Statham - used by Andersen Vega
    Jeff Hardy - used by Archangel
    Jimmy Havoc - used by James Lucifer
    Joey Janela - used by Frankie Highwood
    Julian Edelman - used by Aleks Grayson
    Justin Timberlake - used by Oscar Hayes
    Kit Harington - used by Christopher Jordan
    Marty Scurll - used by Brad Adams
    MASADA - used by Jeffry Mason
    Puck - used by The Red King
    Sami Zayn - used by Ryan Blade
    Sean Faris - used by Lucas Reid
    Seth Rollins - used by Al Blizzard
    Shane Thorne - used by Will Neilson
    The Miz - used by Joseph Diamond
    Tom Ellis - used by Slate Bass
    Tom Hiddleston - used by Aaron Harrows
    Tom Holland - used by Prince X

    RWK Staff:
    Ben Schnetzer - used by Josh Reed
    Brad Maddox - used by Ted Kennedy
    Earl Hebner - used by Rupert Ross
    Joey Styles - used by James O'Connell
    John Bradshaw Layfield - used by Vincent Baker
    Paul Rudd - used by Robbie Mansfield
    Tessa Blanchard - used by Jessica Calhoun
    Zach Galifianakis - used by Ethan 'The Reagmaster' Max

    RWK Managers & Supporting Cast:
    - used by Gaia
    Penelope Ford - used by Maria Stafford
    Daisy Ridley - used by Grace Wood
    Don Cherry - used by Emile Cormier
    John E. Fry - used by Jackson Pickett (Red King's cameraman)
    Josh Brolin - used by Deacon MacFarlane
    Jeffrey Dean Morgan - used by Reagan Cole
    Keira Knightley - used by Kristina Oliver
    Margot Robbie/Harley Quinn - used by Elise Frye
    Matt Helders - used by Thomas Morin
    Stephen Amell - used by Patrick 'Patty' Reynolds
    Willa Holland- used by Millie Harrows
    Yvonne Strahovski - used by Jane Grayson
    Zahra Schreiber - used by Eden

    RWK Finishing Moves (use ctrl-F!):
    Aaron Harrows: Headlock Driver
    Andersen Vega: Double Underhook Facebuster/Pedigree & top rope variant
    Ashley Young: Jumping Cutter and Flipping DDT to Kneeling Opponent
    Al Blizzard: Fireman's Carry Cutter
    Aleks Grayson: Curb Stomp
    Archangel: Corkscrew senton bomb/Spiral Tap and Shiranui
    Arno Frye: Destino/Somersault Reverse DDT/Asai DDT
    Brad Adams: Argentine Cutter & Over the shoulder Crossface
    Christopher Jordan: Fireman's Carry/Detonation Kick, Inverted Cloverleaf
    Chris Young: Belly-to-back inverted mat slam/Styles Clash and Seated Fujiwara Armbar
    El Pecador: Top Rope Double Stomp (standing/kneeling opponent) & V-Trigger/Running Bicycle Knee Strike
    Frankie Highwood: Slingshot Leg Drop and Single Leg Dropkick
    Jason Angel: Reverse STO to turnbuckle
    Jeffry Mason: Dragon Clutch and Straight-Jacket Powerbomb Lungblower
    Joseph Diamond: Double Knee Facebuster/Codebreaker and Discus Big Boot
    JUDAS: Muscle Buster and STO
    Kameron Kalmar: Cradle/Gotch Piledriver and Reverse/Argentinian GTS
    Lavender Haze: Swanton Bomb and Crossface
    Lilith Young: Gogoplata and Fireman's Carry Facebuster
    Nick: Snapmare Driver and Cattle Mutilation
    Oscar Hayes: Falcon Arrow and Right Hook
    Prince X: Grounded Armbar and Pele Kick
    Red King: Wrist-Clutch Lariat/Rainmaker and Full-Nelson Driver
    Ryan Blade: Rolling Lariat and Burning Hammer
    Ryder Parks: Cradle Back-to-Belly Piledriver (Jig N'Tonic) and Shooting Star Press
    Slate Bass: Omega Driver and Deadlift Sitout Powerbomb
    Tyler Keenan: Running Knee Lift and Go Home Driver
    Victor Sokolova: Rolling Cutter/Cross Rhodes and Owari Death Clutch/Modified Dragon Sleeper
    Will Neilson: Single-Underhook Lifting DDT/Bloody Sunday/1916 and Running Knee Lariat/Kinshasa/Boma Ye

    RWK Theme Songs Used:
    Aaron Harrows:
    Phenomenal by Eminem
    Al Blizzard: Remedy by Seether
    Aleks Grayson: A Little Crazy by Fight
    Andersen Vega: Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva
    Archangel: Muse by Hysteria
    Arno Frye: You're Mine by Phantogram
    Ashley Young: Misery Business by Paramore (Instrumental)
    Christopher Jordan: Runaway by Word Alive
    Chris Young: Ignition by Tobymac
    El Pecador: Heroes Dress in Black by Blue Saraceno
    Frankie Highwood: Smooth by Santana
    James Lucifer: Psychotic Euphoric by Silent Descent
    Jason Angel: You only live once by Suicide Silence
    Joseph Diamond: Diamonds are Forever From Sierre Leone by Kanye West
    Josh Reed: Yeah Yeah Yeah by New Politics
    JUDAS: Hit by Section 25
    Kameron Kalamar: Miracle Man by Ozzy Osbourne
    Lavender Haze: It's My Life by Bon Jovi
    Lilith Young: Ms Hyde by Halestorm
    Lucas Reid: Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd
    Nick: Interpol PDA Outro
    Nova Taylor: Black Sheep by Metric
    Oscar Hayes: One More time by Daft Punk
    Prince X: "X Gon' Give it to Ya" by DMX (8-Bit Version)
    Ryan Blade: I'm on my Way by Rayhainio Boynes, Matt Smith and Daniel Carl Holter
    Ryder Parks: Critical by State Champs
    Slate Bass: Monsters by Ruelle
    The Red King: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by SKRILLEX
    Tyler Keenan: It Remembers by Every Time I Die
    Victor Sokolova: Heavy Rain by VITJA
    Will Neilson: The First Movement by Make Them Suffer

    #Clique: Clique by Kanye West (Instrumental)
    Generation Global: Kings Never Die by Eminem
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