News Clarification of Crowd “Incident” During Last Night’s WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn Special

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Dirtsheet, Aug 23, 2015.

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  1. A less-than-accurate “recap” of a fan incident at last night’s WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn event has been posted online, and the following is clarification as to what actually happened.

    Following Bayley’s Womens Title victory, a couple of fans, who were seated a few rows in front of me, attempted to throw streamers which consisted of Bayley’s entrance colors.

    They only made the attempt one time, however right after security came down and escorted the fans out into the concourse. This prompted some boos from the crowd nearby, but the fans were allowed back to their seats shortly after the incident. A brief “Yes!” chant broke out after the fans were allowed to return, but it was nothing too distracting. The entire incident spanned about 2 minutes and took very little away from the main event match.

  2. Well, I could tell something was going down. Now I know what it was all about. Good to hear everything went back to normal.
  3. Wait what? This didn't happen? The only streamers and subsequent booing/let them stay/yes chants was when like 4 guys threw about 10 streamers during the Balor entrance/pre match.
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