Clash of Champions Title Matches

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Lady Deathbane, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. I'm actually pretty excited for all the matches in two weeks.

    We have Kaitlyn vs. AJ for the Divas title.

    Adrienne Neville vs. Antonia Cesaro for USA title.

    Bo Dallas vs. Wade Barrett
    for the Intercontinental title.

    And Brad Maddox vs. Big E Langston for the NXT Champion title.

    My question is, which matches are you excited and/or not so excited for?

    Do you think there will be any new champions? Do you think everyone will retain?

    (Also, I've been using streams this whole time to watch it, is there an official way to watch it? I mean, I know it's not on TV but surely there must be a legit way to watch it. A friend told me the only way is Hulu Plus instead of resorting to streams.)
  2. Tagging @"CrayJ Lee" because of Kaitlyn vs. AJ title match.

    It's finally happening! :happy:
  3. You're a 'Murican, aren't you? If so, Hulu Plus is the only way :downer:

    Pretty excited for all of them except Dallas vs Barrett, should be an awesome night! Assume all the champions will retain except Langston.
  4. Damn! :annoyed: Is it on TV in other countries? :hmm:

    And lol, Maddox as NXT Champ. :hmm: :dawg:
  5. OMG I'm geeking out right now! I'm so excited to see AJ and Kaitlyn wrestle for the Divas title :yay:

    As far as the other matches, the others seem very good as well so I hope they live up to the expectation.
  6. I'm just lolling at the fact Maddox has a title shot. :dawg:

    He's been on commentary the past couple of NXT's and the only matches he's had was him getting pwned badly, lmao. :haha:
  7. Yeah that match is probably going to be hilarious. I can't wait to see it :dawg:
  8. Love how two matches we all predicted for WM are happening on NXT.
  9. I hope Maddox beats Big E, God that guys dull. Given his inflated ego Brad as the fluke champion could be hilarious.
  10. Lmao, it really could. I'd definitely be interested seeing Maddox bs his way to the top. :haha:

    He may have more of a role on Raw if he does. :hmm:
  11. Looking forward to it, sounds like a good show.
  12. The Divas match is tjhe only one I can see changing hands, other than that the champions are definitely retaining.
  13. Even then I'm not really sure. It seems a very small percentage of the whole WWE Universe pays attention to NXT, so if AJ appears on Raw the next day with the title, people would definitely be confused. :dawg:

    Would mark at Dolph being WHC and AJ being Diva champ at the same time, despite me wanting them to break up already. :dawg:
  14. I doubt enough people care about the divas in general to notice lol, sad but true.
  15. I love the card, It looks stacked, PAC vs Cesaro sounds like a great match.
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