Clash of Champions Clash Of Champions: US Title Cash In

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Adam., Aug 24, 2016.

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  1. I think it would be really awesome if the US Champion could do what TNA did with the X Division title and let the champion cash in to fight for the world title. It would be a really awesome idea and make it a true "Clash Of Champions" and they could have a new US Champion crowned that night as well.
  2. We already have MITB for that, so meh.
  3. Meh...

    Butttttt now if you menton it Clash of Champions is a WCW homage event annnnd the US title was made where it is today in WCW so.... not a bad idea if you ask me
  4. Pretty retarded idea.

    It kills the prestige of the title. Knowing that these guys are only doing it to trash it, in favor, of the world title just makes it a piece of metal. These titles should be presented as something the guys want, to be recognized as champion, not to use it specifically as a stepping stone. Titles can be considered stepping stone, but should never be treated as a literal stepping stone. It makes the title seem like a door mat, and kills it. There's a reason TNA doesn't do it anymore. It killed the X-Division and the title.

    Not to mention, the Money in the Bank is already a thing.
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  5. Wow your ideas are shit
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