Classic Iron Sheik lmao

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. The Iron Sheik just owns plain and simple lol
  3. AHAHA OMG I love Iron Sheik he's always been my favorite Legend. No one else has been more of my favorite than him!
  4. This must be a troll account.
  5. IKR but either way Chris would say the same lol but not too much swears just FACKIN and BULLSHIET.
  6. Lol it's not ^
  7. i believe its a troll account.
  8. I doubt it he's exactly the same in his shoot videos.
  9. IRON SHEIK - fucking asses, breaking backs and making bitches humble since 1982.
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  10. Lol it's not a troll account.
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  11. Sheik is absolutely hilarious. Here's a lot of his masterpiece tweets, as of recently:

    You don't follow him, then fuck yourself. To all the haters out there somewhere:


    Sheik approved.
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  12. fuck the hulk hogan with modonnas stinky ass and have a good day
    Sheikie baby love the twitter and the fucking computer that i fucking fuck the ipad to make it the ipussy make it humble
    RonnieMTV he look like midget dick with raisin balls. shooting wise i beat the fuck out of him. he use the dog cum for the hair gel

  13. Or wait I saw him in a recent interview..I regret what I said this is not a troll account.
  14. Its pretty weird that some of the kids here think insulting is dumb hence AE is not needed, then they proceed to comment on how entertaining the Iron Shiekh is. Hypocricy much? O.O
  15. Not really, there is a difference between being a senile old man making the odd video which is 3 minutes long and 2 hours of Raw being cursing.
  16. Never thought JeebaK could look anymore stupid.

    #NeverSayNever (Justin Bieber/Canadian joke completely intended).

    Your sig rules btw seabs.
  17. When you click it gets better seriously. Your netbook may explode however.

  18. The odd video which is 3 mins long? There is a difference between cursing in an odd video and saying faak u i make u humble and faak u in da ass in all your videos and twitter updates.
  19. Does he put out a 2 hour wrestling show every Monday? No so it's in no way comparable to your idea of the Attitude Era coming back.

  20. Did he started cursing after qutting? No? He has making promos like these since he has been wrestling.
    And i think u got the whole thing wrong. Im not arguing about if the AE comes back it could be entertaining because u find Sheik entertaing. No. Its a fact that AE was more entertaing than PG, its a fact that wrestling fans want to hear cursing, blood and violence.
    What i am arguing about is that YOU cant be a hypocrite and say cursing is stupid and then like a guy who curses everywhere more than all the AE wrestlers combined.
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