Puro Other Classic match thread

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Pop Tatari, Dec 17, 2015.

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  1. Great stiff match from Michinoku pro a few years back. Feel free to post you own classic favs.

  2. (not my fav, but still a wonderful match)

  3. Over played, but still.

    Another Kobashi classic.
  4. Any of the Kobashi/Misawa matches.
  5. Just one of the greatest things ever, every time I watch this it still holds up, drama,emotion, fast paced action,excitement,hot crowd. Wonderful story told

  6. I wish the world had more Stan Hansens
  7. He's getting inducted into the Hall of Fame this year according to WWE's magazine, so expect some of his American work to start showing up soon
  8. #Hype Gotta love a short sighted cowboy stiffing everyone.
  9. Bruiser Brody the GOAT brawler in your opinion? I've never seen a match of his I didn't thoroughly enjoy.
  10. I always preferred Hansen if I'm honest, Brody was fantastic also however.
  11. Both of them are absolute masterclass brawlers. Especially when they get to play the evil foreigner.
    Hansen vs Jumbo, Brody vs Jumbo. could watch for days
  12. Brody, Hansen and Vader should be in the gaijin brawler HoF. Not a vague match, any of them have had.
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