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  1. Probably my favorite way to kill time is Youtube-ing dumb shit, and my favorite dumb shit to youtube is classic NBA stuff. I love seeing old games condensed into 15-20 minute HL videos, or like when a play goes off for 50 points they show all of his buckets.

    Found this today, MJ goes for 63 vs Bird's Celtics in 86. It inspired this thread. I'll post cool old school NBA stuff I find, you guys should do the same


    Idk anyone else who watches the NBA around here tbh...

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  2. Hell yeah

    Not the best quality but Muggsy could dish the ball to his teammates like no other.
    Also at 1:05.. never thought a little man could have soo much power to make a shot like that.
  3. I love going back too. Recently watched shaqs monster dunks. Guys i also llike too look.up is a.i. Patrick ewing, hakeem the dream, basically love the big men.
  4. On my phone or id post the shaw dunks.
  5. On my phone as well
  6. as much as I love watching championship Jordan, younger Michael was soooo sick
  7. Bulls vs Sixer in AI's rookie season

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  8. Personally my favorite player of all time so you might see me putting a lot of his shit up there even though technically he still plays haha.


  9. my favorite Vince dunk:

  10. Ahaha the Mourning one was my next to post haha :emoji_slight_smile: Yeah he knew how to posterize with the best of them.
  11. He probably had one of the 3-4 best dunk contest showings in history as well the year he dominated
  12. Grant hill highlights are cool. Same goes wirh Gary Payton
  13. Not the most graceful player, however very talented and yet again one of my personal favorites
    Keith Van Horn

    ^Deciding game of 2002 Quarterfinals, KVH stepped up HUGE!

    I met him in a Steakhouse a few years back, he was like "no one has recognized me like that in quite some time" signed an autograph on one of their napkins for me right away, needless to say very humble guy.
  14. Hate him if you want agent 0 gilbert arenas highlights are good too
  15. Love me some Vintange Payton!
  16. Hell no I fucking love Hibachi
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  17. Gilbert was a superstar, if he didn't have all the distractions and time in the halfway house holding him back he probably could've kept it up.. But when he came back he was pretty ice cold not gonna lie. Still personally I don't hate the guy!

    Lol Hibachi and Kobe's Beef :emoji_slight_smile:
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  18. Tim Hardaway
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  19. His son is even better, no lie
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