Discussion in 'RAW' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. [yt][/yt]​

    [size=x-large]BESTS WOMAN DIVA IN WWE! OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!![/size]​

  2. Why are you posting all of these? Just out of curiosity. Not flaming

    What you could do, is make it a contest.
    First person to post the video of Jericho and Christian "ass cream" segment wins!
  3. what do u mean?????
  4. Instead of "here watch this" make em do the work for you.

    I do it on Facebook all the time.

    There was a segment way back when y2j and cristian were tagging. They had a large tub of ass cream. And we're denying it was either of theirs... Comedy gold

    The only reason im saying this is that on my phone I'm not opening you tube every 2 mins. that would destroy my data plan as it is
  5. I don't have a facebook! Don't belive it it! And alot of the video i post are old and some that have ALOT VEIWER. I just put then main so people on can see what that missed.
  6. I know. I am not saying to do it on Facebook.

    But since a lot of people. I assume use tapatalk. Maybe a write up Of the video would help.

    I for one don't mind nostalgia, but I'm not opening you tube links on my phone.
  7. I agree that is a good idea, for example for this one you could also add in a question like what did you think of Kelly winning the title then we can hold a discussion.
  8. I realy don't care who watch it on my channel for the good old time when I was high school and still alot time to do shit. And I just showing what I did when my channe fun to watch.
  9. +1
  10. They are fun to watch but he just wants a quick summary of what happens as he can't watch too many videos on his phone.
  11. don't care who watch it? And idk how he watching his phone b/c I do't alot it on my video?
  12. Possibly he has a limited data plan. Also what is the point of posting the videos if you're not going to create a discussion from them?
  13. Kelly Kelly can't wrestle.
  14. Well on video I am talking? The for the other 1 are just some of my funny but there alway ago! There old not new.

    OH LORD HE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!! SHE CAN WRESTLE!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. You may be talking in the video, but since I'm not watching it there is no discussion
  16. Lmao I love it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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