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  1. I need some place to talk about classic wrestling. @Jacob Fox, let's do this
  2. Nick Bockwinkel vs. Hulk Hogan at Super Sunday 1983 was the best Hogan match I've ever seen, and the only time I heard a massive pop for a fricken suplex. Amazing match, amazing crowd.
  3. Well suplexes back then were pretty much a bigger deal... hell in Ric Flair's first match, a suplex was his finisher.

    So that was Hogan's best match? It's been a LONG time since I've seen it... even better than his Rock match because that was a good match.
  4. Have you ever watched any of the champion vs champion matches. AWA Champion Rick Martel vs NWA Champion Ric Flair is one of my favorite older matches. WWWF Champion Bob Backlund vs NWA Champions Harley Race and Flair were good too.

  5. This thread is common to my interests
  6. Rock and Hogan had a big match feel with a lot of drama. It was more of Hogan's storytelling at it's peak than his in-ring activity. His match with Bockwinkel was the best Hogan wrestling match. It had artfully crafted spots like the hangmans choke, and slow rise in aggression from Hogan and the sleazy heel antics from Bockwinkel.

    It might've been the last stretch of Nick's career, and not as clean as his matches in the 70s but that match is why he's my favorite old school wrestler.
  7. I checked out the match last night but was too exhausted to post about it afterwards. I think you're right about about Hogan... I mean I haven't seen all of his matches, but I think this match was at least anything better than I'd seen personally in his WWF/WWE run. From what I've heard the crowd was so pissed off about the ending that they were scared of possible rioting.

    But yeah, I'm glad you've been enjoying Bockwinkel's matches. He was an outstanding wrestler and I always felt his matches were really precise and well told stories. He was phenomenal. And his speaking voice during interviews just grabbed your attention without having to yell or say any catch phrases... he just talked and it was riveting.

    I have to admit I saw the match on YouTube and the condition of the video was a bit fun for me too. When I was growing up and watching AWA, it was always on a less than good television connection and the picture was never that great. So the video brought back a lot of those nostalgic feelings...don't get me wrong, I'll never willingly give up the wonderful TV and internet picture we get today, but it was a nice memory.
  8. Doesn't ESPN still have AWA shows on as apart of their Classics block? I remember watching a Bob Orton match, many years ago.
  9. They might, I'm not sure. Lord knows the WWE Network has almost nothing, like 7 shows. So far I've been fortunate enough to find most of what I want on YouTube though. Even though WWE owns it all, they haven't done much to take the videos down it seems.
  10. Doubt they find AWA as a reason that people sub, so they don't care.

    WWE protects WCW material so much that they flagged a WCW show that I posted, despite them taking it down a week prior. Lost my account and all my 19000 subs. I still cry.
  11. Yeah that would make me cry. It's been a hell of a lot of work for me to get to 9,300 subs and I would probably have a breakdown to just lose that...couldn't imagine losing nearly 20,000.
  12. Had WCW shows from September 1995 till July 1996 in easy order. WCW Monday Nitro: Episode #1 etc etc. They took down Fall Brawl and then they flagged it, and I was pissed af. Started in December 2012 and it died the day the Network was launched, lol.
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  13. I suppose you also noticed that the pop in the match wasn't for a su- PLEX but the long forgotten Su-PLAY.
  14. Didn't notice the difference. Good catch.

    "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin is amazing. He really knew how to play the pompous heel, that guys like Rick Martel really drew parallels to. His in-ring work was nice, but his character really defined him, in my opinion.
  15. post more old matches goons
  16. Yeah most of the really old commentators called it "su-play" but I think Gordon Solie was the last one I can remember doing it.

    Jimmy, there's a guy I haven't thought about a whole lot but can see the parallel.
  17. Since it is #TerryTuesday

    How the fuck did he make it off the island alive?
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  18. My favorite Hogan wrestling match. By far his best in-ring work, in my opinion.
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  19. The AWA is awesome. I've always loved watching any documentary I could find on the promotion. So many guys got a start there.
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