Classic WWE PPV's that are long gone!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Muraad Khan, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Every now and then WWE creates a PPV that seems to bet the new prime time PPV of the month it's held, like Over The Limit and MITB. But now WWE has ruined a good PPV, how? well remember Survivor Series? before you know it became the laughing stock of all Big Four event? 1987-1998 really was the end of a great show, the event carries no weight it's something that was thought as tradition to WWE fans but of coarse WWE HATES tradition.

    WWE PUSHED Survivor Series so much in 87 because they wanted November to be WWF and Starrcade to get out, well mission accomplished, they blackmailed every PPV carrier to drop Starrcade or they will never carry a WWF event. So after they completed their hell bent ambition Survivor Series ended when WCW officially changed Starrcade's permanent month to December in 1990, Survivor Series went to the floor with the following year breaking tradition (ironic) by featuring singles matches rather than tag matches! Yet WWE portrays themselves as the underdog by saying "WCW wanted to take us out of business" yet they black mailed PPV carriers against WCW years before Monday Nitro.

    Now........their throwing Elimination Chamber into a well with "No Escape" the PPV was a event that was respected in 2010 and 2011 but the 2012 event like many episodes of RAW before Mania seemed bleak. The went as far as getting rid of color from the logo replacing all lights with blue even though gray was the color on logo, and the Elimination Chamber it self is stupid, with no blood the Elimination Chamber has no brutality in the damn thing even though it's made of "RAZOR" sharp steel and chains. WWE please just put it to peace faster. i don't want it to die slowly.

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  2. Not sure why this was in the TNA section.... Moved.
  3. i feel like a JackAss i thought this was WWE!!!
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  5. i know i posted that thinking it was in WWE section, to start a conversation on weather WWE really is killing good PPVS and to debate
  6. I don't think they are intentionally doing it :-)
  7. Don't really know what to say about that. I guess November is a better month for Pay-Per-Views due to people having more money around November, especially before Black Friday. In a business sense, it was smart to push them to December, because people are to busy buying presents to spend the money on Pay-Per-Views, so if that was their plan then it was a good plan. As for the tag team tradition, I don't know what to really say about that. I don't mind the 5-5 as long as it's done right and built up good, but it hasn't been for a good few years.
  8. Backlash was great till they canned it imo.
  9. The Survivor Series gimmick was bound to lose it's appeal overtime. It was an event centering around every match being an elimination-style match at a time when there were virtually no other type of gimmick matches out there, thus making it feel more special. Nowadays, there's so much variety of gimmick matches, almost all of them superior and more interesting than an elimination match, that there's a reason Survivor Series has lost it's edge. And having EVERY match be an elimination match was too boring IMO. Just go back and watch some of the earlier shows (I'd recommend SS '88) to see what I'm talking about.

    I personally always liked the idea of In Your House, mainly the fact that each one had a subtitle that fit in with the storyline of the main event. "Good Friends, Better Enemies" was based off of HBK and Diesel's friendship being in turmoil. "Triple-Header" was based off the fact that all three major titles were all on the line in the main event. "Buried Alive" was based off the fact that Undertaker and Mankind were having the first ever buried alive match. Etc., etc.
  10. WWE In Your House also died in 97 when they changed the titles to "Gorund Zero: In Your House" but they were a good concept and good PPVs to watch.
  11. I miss fatal four way:troll:
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