Classic WWF Match Now includes intro.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs The Rock Wrestlemania 17.

    A classic match from the two icons is up on the wweforums youtube channel. It's mirrored ( the text is back to front ) to help avoid copyright issues. Hopefully it stay up.

    I'll try and get a video uploaded everyday to get as much interest in the channel as possible. Feel free to leave any requests you have.

    Feel free to like the video, comment and subscribe.
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    KOTR 98 Taker vs Mankind hell in a cell! just so ppl can relive Foleys possibly 2 biggest bumps that made him hardcore and taker a powerhouse!
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    Really good upload. Works for me now too. Lots of people call it the greatest match of all time, so I'm predicting success here :emoji_slight_smile:. Nice one seabs.
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    I haven't seen the full match on Youtube so hopefully it will have some interest.
    @[Cloud] Good suggestion I'll either put it up today or tomorrow.
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    Thank you so much, think I just got another video I'll be watching tonight.
  6. Gonna close this for now I'll reupload it soon.