Classifying Bray Wyatt's Card Status

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Wilby, Apr 20, 2014.

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  1. So I'm sitting here trying to decide what Bray Wyatt's card status is right now within the WWE, i.e; Mid-card, Upper Mid-card, Main-Eventer.

    I think that he is progressing very well and is clearly one of the WWE's main projects right now, but what would you define his status as on the roster?

    I'm just curious to know what everybody else believes as I am finding myself unable to decide.

    Thank you for the help in advance!
  2. Upper mid-card.

    He's been on the main roster for less than a year, so it'll take some time for him to breakthrough into main-event level. Obviously he's going to headline many PPVs in the future as he's only 26, and basically the top heel in the company (not counting HHH/Bork who aren't full-time).
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  3. I'd classify him as "midcard", but moving into (and out of) the upper midcard as the feud he's in dictates. While he's worked with Bryan and Cena, he's been solidly upper midcard, but where he goes next may pull him back "down", although he's established himself well enough to be a guy who can bring someone else up.

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  4. I'd say Upper Midcarder. He's been around for little time but has been working some important programs, thus he's not quite a main eventer just yet despite being a de facto main eventer for the time being, so to speak. But indeed as wk said, the program he's working at the time is what dictates that, so if he's with Cena, yeah, he's higher up there. The next one may be a step down.
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  5. Yeah, agreed with previous posters... Upper Midcard.
  6. Definitely upper.
  7. If he had beaten Cena at WM I would've said ME. But at the min upper midcard, still waiting on that breakout push which with how intense his Mania entrance was I thought we had it. But we're waiting still it'll happen as Reigns v Wyatt has a glorious future written all over it.
  8. I'd say he's a special kind of character who doesn't really belong to any card. No matter where he is on the card, he always seems to have a special spotlight. Very unique promos and matches. At least that's how I see it lol.
  9. Definitely upper mid card. Even in the feud with Cena it isn't main event, as it billed below anything involving DB or the Authority. He will be an unquestioned main eventer by the end of 2014 though I'd say.
  10. Upper mid on the cusp of the main event.
  11. He's upper-midcard.

    You can't call Wyatt a "main eventer" at the present time because he's yet to main event even a single PPV yet. And headlining a Raw episode or two isn't enough to qualify you as one either, sorry. Each of his feuds since last November (with Punk/Bryan, and now with Cena) have been booked as the second or third most important feuds, but never as the main rivalry of the show overall. Second and third tier feuds are the very definition of upper-midcard. Case-in-point: It wasn't Bray Wyatt who ascended straight to the main event to wrestle John Cena at Wrestlemania this year, it was Cena who dropped down a spot or two to wrestle Bray Wyatt. Considering that John Cena main evented the previous three Wrestlemania cards (and others before that) and yet he was wrestling in the middle of the card against Bray Wyatt this year, that should make it clear what Wyatt should be catagorized as.

    The best way to describe Bray at the moment is as an upper-midcarder who's on the cusp of main eventing for the first time any day now. I'd be surprised if he didn't get a championship match with Daniel Bryan soon (one that he'll obviously lose), probably as soon as this rivalry with Cena wraps itself up.
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  12. Yeah I'd also say Upper Mid-card.
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