Clock-bomb boy Ahmed Mohamed "a hoaxer and a huckster"

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Extraterrestrial, Jan 24, 2016.

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  1. Pretty old news by now but still. Literally everything is bullshit, all the time.

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    Kid gets pulled into a national/worldwide media circus, accused of being a terrorist and the target for hatemail from rednecks and islamophobes all over the united states. And people get mad when he wants re-compensation and call him a hoax, despite the multitude of evidence of the complete opposite?

    Fuck Rebel Media and its fear mongering agenda. Fuck Rebel Media for posing as a news outlet
  3. Muslim kid makes something that might look like a bomb. Teachers take measures to protect the kids and themselves. But the clockboy gets a White House invitation. Seriously, who puts clocks into suitcases without expecting consequences?

    Some of the other students should sue him for intentional infliction of emotional distress - for intentionally creating the impression it was a bomb even after being warned to not show and tell others, by a teacher. Also sue his old man for conspiracy. Let's see how they enjoy being on that end of the proceedings.

    With a father, who loves to stir up things into an islam vs. everything else world, I don't see much positive coming out of this young fellow.
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  4. He's already been cleared of all charges, gotten a free invite to meet the President, and been made the offer to have his entire college/university tuition paid for him. I'd say he's been reimbursed enough. Trying to further sue for "emotional distress" is just a shameless cash grab that no reasonable person should support.
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  5. Shameless.
  6. Don't hate the player. Get your paper boy
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  7. I love it when fags dislike your posts, but don't explain why. @deth
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  8. I disliked this post because you are a pussy.
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  9. STFU. :4/10:
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  10. all muslims are rapist criminal drug dealers
  11. Islam is literally worse than plague.


    I know muslims. I even have beer with one of them when we meet. You can do business with them, you can crack jokes, share a laugh, but at the end of the day, you can't trust them. Period. Islam killed cca 270 million people since its inception, and it's not going to stop any time soon, not without reformation. Islam is a vile death cult from 7th century ffs, and 30% of its holy books texts is dedicated to jihad, violent conquers and orders to behead us infidels.
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  12. Lol, this kids sister was in the exact same situation years before and I've heard reports about his father being a con artist. Plus, he gets invited to the whitehouse at a time where Syrian refugees are being let in or about to be let in. Obama is actually a smart cookie, he uses kids as props all the time. It's good propaganda.

    He doubled down and got greedy with the lawsuits, even extreme Reddit lefties turned on him.
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    I think anyone who is against institutional white supremacy should support it. I support Ahmed Muhammad because he's teaching the white man that you can't get away with stepping on black Muslim people.
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  14. I love it when people criticize other cultures/religions but not white supremacy. Winston Churchill was a racist who believed that blacks were sub-human dogs. That guy would say something like that.
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  15. Also, Mark Cuban is the same man who defended Donald Sterling. Saying, 'we're all a little racist.'
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  16. I'm gonna criticize whoever the hell I want. Fuck you and fuck islam, it really speaks volumes that you're defending that moronic death cult. Also, newsflash for you, idiot: A) islam is not a race, why would I bring "white supremacy" into the topic, and B) Churchill being a racist doesn't make him wrong about islam, islam is not a race. Idiot.

    Again, fuck you, you gimmick poster boy, and fuck islam, fuck that mass murderer and pedophile Muhammed. Idiot.
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  17. You wonder why Muslims go apeshit, when someone challenges their views...despite you doing the exact same thing. smh
  18. Keep this a civil debate, no need to target users. lol
    Also, hating on Islam and hating on Muslims aren't exactly the same.
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  19. Yo, be careful. Don't want a fellow buddy of mine beheaded :\
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