Other *CLOSED ATM* The EWR Challenge! (S1 - WWE 2016)

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  1. Yes - starting after the upcoming WrestleMania!

  2. Yes - but not until SummerSlam!

  3. Yes - but wait another in-game year for 'Mania 34!

  4. No - I want to keep going with this save for longer than that!

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    This will be a competition between any and all WWEF members to see who can get the highest show ratings with WWE in booking game EWR (Extreme Warfare Revenge), starting in July 2016. The game is free to download and easy to learn, and the update is easy to install, so make sure to read all the below, and sign up!

    This challenge is a carry-over from the recently deceased TheWWEForum. When we started it over there it was back in February, which is why that is when the update we are using, is from, to keep things fair. People who were a part of the challenge before are very welcome to join up here too - and will keep their progress. Anyone at all who is signed up to this website, whether you were on TWF or not, is also very, very welcome to sign up. The more, the merrier!

    THE UPDATE: EWR February 2016 Update ***Spoilers***

    Download the game using the link, put it wherever you like, then download the update, and replace the DATA and other folders in the game folder with their counterparts from the update download. The update is duplicated in the save folder when you start a game, so if you change your active update all the time it won't affect saves that are in progress. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Difficulty set to medium.
    No arsenic editor/cheating/editing your file etc. etc.
    No restarts, as we're going to be playing in sync, month by month.
    Everyone will have two weeks to play each month.
    No changing PPV or show names, however TV show days (but not PPV dates) can be changed as you wish.
    Should you finish a PPV before a deadline, please do not advance days or start booking any of your shows afterwards. This gives an unfair advantage of extra time over other people. However, you can still do other things on the file (e.g. signing people, planning in notepad, roster organisation, etc.). If many people finish a show fast, I'll shorten future deadlines.

    Other than things specifically mentioned above, the game is the law!

    Players will be ranked a) by their most recent PPV rating and b) by their average score over their three most recent PPVs.

    Current Players:


    @Mike Thunder
    @That Guy Dylanderch
    @The ReagMaster

    Booking will begin sometime in the next couple of days (date of writing - April 20th 2016), depending on how it takes for a good number of people to sign up!

    EWR is very weird about start dates. The game starts, by default, on the first day of the next month IRL. The only way to manipulate this is to change your computer clock for a couple of minutes while you start the game (I'd then recommend changing it back :emoji_wink:). We'll be starting in August, four weeks before SummerSlam, so set your clock to sometime in July, start the game, then switch your clock back.


    SummerSlam: August 28th
    Night of Champions: September 25th
    Hell In A Cell: October 23rd
    Survivor Series: November 20th
    TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs: December 18th
    Royal Rumble: January 15th
    Fast Lane: February 12th
    WrestleMania 33: March 12th

    ^ These are the in-game dates for these shows, they will need to be changed in your save game as they are different to default.

    They are also different to the dates on TWF's challenge, so everyone needs to edit these.

    I've made the date for SummerSlam the 28th so that everyone starting on August 1st will have 4 weeks to book it. For anyone coming from TWF, this means it is six weeks after the last PPV, Battleground. Please auto book two weeks of shows, so that everyone gets the same feud build time.

    Use this thread to ask questions (about the game, advice on what to book, and the rules of the challenge), have all on-topic banter and share your progress with screenshots. If in doubt over any aspect of the challenge, please ask!

    So, as always:
  2. My client @Crithu will join and conquer all of you pathetic people except from his team partner MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKKKEEE THUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNDDDEER! ( @Mike Thunder ) together they will rule over this "challenge" with a iron fist and they welcome all challengers because nobody will stop us and every challenger will be getting a nice house in EWR City, Bitch!
  3. *whispers* Reag! Stop it! You'll scare the new people away! And EWR City sounds lovely!
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  5. As if you had to ask. Of course i'm signing up.
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  6. Please do! <3
  7. I'm back and I'm prepared to Burning Hammer all of you. [​IMG]
  8. Crithu stands beside @The ReagMaster looking badass! (I'm in)

    P.S. are we continuing with were we left off?
  9. Nice!

    As said above (with the underlining, dammit! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:), everyone who was part of the challenge before, will keep their progress.

    @Krendall would you like to sign up? @Mike Thunder, shall I add you? @Aurtle the Turtle for old times' sake? @Tsar I heard you were a fan of this game?

    Sign up and tell your friends! xD
  10. Sorry, but I think I'm going to bow out, at least for now. I've got other projects I should really be working on, so I don't really have the time for it.
  11. No problem man, good luck with whatever you're doing, and feel free to rejoin anytime :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Looking to get this started fairly soon - is anyone else interested?
  13. Also @Solidus can you not always edit a post on here? Cos I kinda wanna be able to edit the OP, to add players etc, just wondering if there's another way you can do it? :/
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  14. There's a time limit for non legend members which I'll remove after work later. Will make it unlimited for all.
  15. Never mind, I've done it just now.
  16. fight me
  17. Join then, faggy baws.