Cloud arrives!

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Cloud, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Hi been browsing as a guest for a few weeks and decided to sign up as between you all you know lots bout WWE!

    Im a on off fan for years but recently got massively into it thanks to CM Punk!

    Also i watch the odd TNA, and im catching up on other wrestling to like NJPW, ROH etc to broaden my horizons!

    Easy Cloud
  2. Hey Cloud, glad you finally clicked the register button :lol:. Where did you find us? Always helps me :emoji_slight_smile:.

    A lot of people got back into WWE because of Punk, he really did have one hell of a summer. Glad to see you spreading out too, I'm currently in the same boat (:boat:emoji_slight_smile: getting into TNA and RoH again.

    Welcome to the site :thumbup:
  3. Welcome to the site Cloud :emoji_slight_smile:. Really like that username lol.
  4. Welcome to the site cloud. Do you have any favorite wrestlers besides
    CM Punk?
  5. Stumbled across u by total accident and just stuck around! Impressed by the knowledge u guys have and enjoy the site!

    And lol thanks the username a ffvii reference!

  6. Judging from his user-title it's Foley! Good man! Like him already :emoji_heart:

    (huge foley fan here)

    By accident do you mean Google or? Wuould be major good news if it was Google :emoji_slight_smile:

    As for knowledge, we're okay I guess :lol:
  7. Anyone who likes Foley is a friend of mine!
  8. @seabs yeah Foley, Austin, RVD, Sabu, Sandman, Onita and many more!
  9. Foley and Austin :O my top 2.

    Btw to tag someone you do this:


    When you get tagged you get a PM too, @[Cloud] for an example.
  10. Onita? I think me and you may be the only fans of puro on here lol.
  11. hmmm still dont get tagging or may be as im typing using a onscreen keyboard which is a mare!

    and onita is amazing loved all the bonkers matches exploding rings etc plus the guy could wrestle!
  12. Weird, should still work.
    for example would tag seabs. Need the brackets around the username.

    Yeah, on-screen keyboards are definitely "mares" :wink:
  13. @[Crayo] testing!
  14. Testing complete! :emoji_slight_smile: