Cloud's Manchester Music thread.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Cloud, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Wanted to do this for ages but been too lazy. Nothing major just going to post one song a day but only Manchester based to show off my hometown.

    To begin.

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  2. Today I'm going with a Manchester club classic that in many venues still gets hammered today. I missed this tune by a few years originally but I love it had some great nights out and this has been a soundtrack tune.


  3. REALLY? U bugger. LOL.
  4. Ignoring Pop's blasphemy we continue.

    Needs no introduction. Always gets a crowd pumped in Manchester before any sort of event.


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  6. The guitarist comes in my work place all the time its so cool.
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  8. You started off with the best song you possibly could, I love the Stone Roses and that song is one of their best.
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  9. Heres todays, Wigan's finest.


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  10. Another quality band, really love your music taste.
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  11. Cheers buddy. With having had a music obsessed dad and older brother and Manchester having such a thriving music scene it helps a lot.
  12. What other UK artists/bands do you like?
  13. I'll do you a list as theres quite a few.

    Reverend and the Makers
    Miles Kane
    Johnny Marr
    The Who
    Black Sabbath
    Ian Brown
    Happy Mondays
    Primal Scream
    Air Traffic
    The Answer
    Biffy Clyro
    The Courteeners
    London Grammer
    The Beatles
    The Strypes
    Shed Seven
    Ocean Colour Scene
    The Subways
    The Smiths
    Joy Division
    Django Django
    The Temperance Movement
    Paul Weller
    The Jam
    Arctic Monkeys
    Richard Hawley

    Probs loads more
  14. I love Reverend & The Makers so I was glad to see them on your list.

    Do you like Jake Bugg? I know quite a few people that don't really like him but I think he's pretty good.
  15. He's pretty good and will get better I'm not overly into him yet but I like his stuff.

    Watching The Revs live next month in Manchester they are epic live.
  16. I wish I could go see them but I don't actually know anyone else who likes them.

    I'm off to see The Eagles in June though, not sure if you like them.
  17. The Eagles are good so that'll be a good gig.

    I've had that situation and I just go alone now if I want to see someone my mates don't like.
  18. I might have to try that sometime.
  19. If its someone you really like its worth it. You avoid feeling awkward moat of the night cause of the music and having been to a few gigs alone now if I do feel a bit awkward whilst no one is on I grab a beer.

    Seen Qotsa, Sabbath, Happy Mondays and Dinosaur Pile Up on my own. An I'm glad I went an if anything I regret not having the guts to brave gigs I wanted to see alone sooner.
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